A Bloomington breakfast By Kayla Cruz

While visiting from out of town, Gold Ozovu stands in front of the counter and waits for her breakfast sandwich to be made. Ozovu remembers when her boyfriend first took her here and how she fell in love with the little shop. "I like how quick and easy this place is," Ozovu said.
Coming in for a coffee break, Steve Andrews stands in front of the counter and is getting ready to pay for his drink. Andrews considered buying a bagel, but he realized he would not have enough time to eat. "This place has the best coffee in town and I love their bagels," Andrews said.
Enjoying his morning, Dave Bouyer, also known as "Bagel Dave", is ready to take on the day. "Bagel Dave" has been working for The Bloomington Bagel Co. for 17 years and has enjoyed all the nice costumers he met through the years. "I love the customers because they are so nice and sweet," Bouyer said.
Heather Bradshaw is getting ready to pay for her bagels she just bought for breakfast. Bradshaw has been coming to The Bloomington Bagel Co. for years and enjoys making conversation with the employees. "I love the memories I made here and the food here is amazing," Bradshaw said.
Tim Lloyd is having a conversation with "Bagel Dave" while he waits for his bagel to be finished. Lloyd works for the T.I.S College Bookstore and enjoys coming here on his breaks. "I love coming here because of the nice people who work here," Lloyd said.

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