Ancient Rome By: Jahnae c. grappie

The Roman Empire is located around the Mediterranean Sea in Europe.
The great invention of concrete that was a better material to build structures with due to its, at the time, strong outcome. It was made from a mix of volcanic ash and slaked lime and was called polozzlana. Other than that, Romans were great architects and invented things we still use to this day such as roads & home heating.
Women did have opportunities Ancient Rome. Such things like owning their business and finances. Girls were educated early, starting school at 6 (but not mandatory). They were allowed to go out to social events and be near their husbands without it coming off as scandalous or provocative. Unlike Ancient Greece where women were kept at home, or if at parties, they were treated as sexual objects.
Acta Diurna (Daily Acts) or Newspapers were also invented in Ancient Rome and had such things as birth & death notices, events being held and interest pieces. The first newspapers were written on stone or metal started happening in 131 BC. At first they were withheld from the public until Julius Caesar made them publish and be brought to public eye. Proving that it was a civilization that was skilled and cared about language. Also the fact that Romans spoke latin, which makes up a great amount of languages spoken to this day. Even more reason to why Ancient Rome is such an iconic civilization.
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