Nuclear Power Can there be more alternative Enrgy sorces

The world is going through a time of new technology, old ways of life fade away from the mass amount of humans that populate the Earth. Creative people change the world for everyone. What is powering the new inventive ideas people make for the future, nuclear power. New technology is going through production, from machines power by nuclear power. Alternative power is a great way to get out of the nuclear phase, but new alternative sources get put down. Which one will be better out if the two.

Nuclear power isn't that bad, it powers most of the world. One thing that is true though is that nuclear power is creating something that can make a mass extinction of all life on earth. Global warming. Carbon dioxide is making global warming occur. Nuclear power lets out carbon dioxide constantly. With all that a nuclear reactor does, it will have a lot of carbon dioxide to let out each day.

Why countries choose to use nuclear power is that it produces a lot of energy really fast, it doesn't have to take up too much land and isn't as costly as other sources of energy. More than 620 MW (Megawatts) of power are made from nuclear reactors. (Conley) With that much power, cities will run on for days. Also with all the power being produced per day, towns and cities will never run out of power.

Alternative energy, like solar panels, advanced wind mills and water reactors, are a great way to get rid of the production of carbon dioxide from nuclear reactors. Unfortunately most of these sources could cost too much, for them to power a country. The price for theses sources to be bought and placed would cost trillions. No one wants to pay trillions for these so, even if they actually had the money they would rather stick with nuclear power because they already know that it will provide enough power.

Another issue with alternative energy is that there isn't enough space for it to power important things. For the United States it would take up the state Indiana, which is 23.307 million acres. In most of the land, except a few acres with no windmills or solar panels, there would only be windmills and solar panels producing energy for the United States.

There are many dangers with both nuclear power and alternative power. For alternative energy it takes a lot of work and effort to build them. Solar panels are put on the roofs of homes for people who personally bought them. For them to go up it would take big a lot of strength to lift the solar panels up, then they would have to be placed correctly so they don't fall off.

Nuclear power isn't as dangerous. There is radiation which could leave to some bad effects, but most people around uranium wear protective gear. Uranium is a highly radioactive mineral that spits out constant power, which make nuclear reactors. Even though both alternative energy and nuclear energy are both dangerous more people die from building solar panels and windmills.

CO2 is a gas that is created from many things, nuclear power is one of those things. When a power plant lets out gasses from the main reactor CO2 is also let out so the reactor doesn't have a melt down. Then it goes into our atmosphere causing global warming. Alternative energy gets its power from using what on Earth and putting it into power.

Nuclear power is something the people need to keep, until the day when a new alternative energy source takes over nuclear power. Global warming will have a better chance of not happening. The world will then go to clean energy.

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