My Utopian Society Jalani Brown

Politics- There will be a president and a group of people to help that president out. They make decisions together;not all the president. The president must be apart of a Church of Christ and believe in order to be president. They will all serve a 8 year term before another election. If the president is disobedient to GOD they will automatically be impeached.

Economics- There is no paper money distributed to the people. Everyone has cards. There are different cards for different age groups. If the individual is 16 and under, their card is purple; 17 to 21 is blue. 21 and older is white. There is no taxes due each year. People are taxed only at purchases.

Religion- Everyone is demanded to attend a Church of Christ and believe in the same thing. Baptism should be the goal for every citizen. No other religion is allowed and if there is someone to disobey this, they have to leave. Everyone must go to church every Sunday. No other religions exist. Christianity is taught from birth. Everyone will believe that Jesus Christ is the son of GOD and He died for the remission of our sins.

Social Structure- There are no class classifications. Everyone is entitled to a job. Education is free on all levels. The government will pay the professors and teachers. Wages are based off the job and the degree earned. The rich man will not get special treatment. There aren't big, flashy material things that can be shown by how much money a person has. A person must stay humble with there earnings and give back to the lord with a cheerful heart. The rights and laws are the same for everyone.

Arts/Entertainment- There are traditional festivals. There is a big celebration for each holiday (Christmas, thanksgiving, fourth of July, etc.). There is a big town celebration for everyone if they choose to. There are plenty of museums and amusement parks for entertainment. Arts and crafts are sold on the street in the town's square and near the beach. During holidays and weekends food trucks are set up for business near the beach.

"I pledge to this flag that the lord is my Shepard and I will follow him. I pledge to obey and worship Him in spirit and in truth. I will treat my brothers and sisters equally and with respect. Amen"

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