Salar de Uyuni One Day at one of the largest salt flat

The Salar de Uyuni isn't just the one largest salt flat in the world, it's a wonderful and magic place as well. It was a exciting experience to spent some time there.

For sure it was a exciting travel to go there. The roads are sometimes a big challenge and to share them with a big truck can be a bit scary. As well the hight of approx 3500 meter above sea level is in some cases hard for the body condition. In my case I got a cold and even it wasn't so strong one, my body was fighting whole time to handle this illness. It took long time till I became better and I had to go back to sea level to feel better.

But when the salt flat appear all the difficulties will disappear and just a big enjoyment will start.

Isla Incahuasi

Somewhere in this ocean of white salt the traveller find the island "Isla Incahuasi". To visit and climb this rocky lovely island offers a different view to the salt flat and it's environment. As well it host a exciting amount of cactus.

For sure this place is just magic but living there is so hard and people have to work very hard to make their living.

Hotel de Sal

Spending the night at the salt flat in the wonderful salt hotel, change this visit for sure in a experience the traveller never ever will forget.

I was dreaming getting a exciting night sky with no light pollution, but late evening more and more clouds appeared. At first I was disappointed, but these clouds were base for a incredible colour rich sun set. This colours were a very special present and ending for my one day at the wonderful Salar de Uyuni.


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