Jelle Barentsz Oncologic Radiologist

Dr. Barentsz is MD since 1980 and received his research PhD in 1990. He is a Professor of Radiology since 1998 and currently the Chair of the Radboudumc Prostate MR-Reference Center.

His research led to the implementation of PI-RADS in 2012, which became the world-standard for prostate MRI. The '4M' paper from his group and other articles were the basis for the change of the European and Dutch prostate cancer guidelines. Now it is recommended to use prostate-MRI before a biopsy.

His work resulted also in the 'rebirth' of ferumoxtran-10 MRI, using dextran coated iron nanoparticles as an MRI-contrast agent to detect 2 mm lymph node micro-metastases. A marketing-approval trial in Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands has started in early 2020.