Spark Communication Across Your School

Learn how to use the free Adobe Spark to increase communication across your school. Bring your laptop, chromebook or iPad to get hands-on experience completing several communication challenges. You will walk away with ideas how your staff and students can use these tools to communicate effectively.
Drug and Alcohol Counselor posting to Digital Displays

Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of this workshop is to educate and inspire educators to engage their entire school community in using Adobe Spark as a communication tool. My goal is to provide participants with multiple experiences that clearly demonstrate how students, staff and administrators can use this free, easy to use and powerful tool to communicate with their school and community.

Participants will learn multiple ways that they can use Adobe Spark Video, Page and Post to develop social media campaigns, school wide broadcast and develop an interactive web presence. Spark is an amazing educational tool and many educators are using it with students but I hope to demonstrate how it can be used as a communication tool school wide.

What is Adobe Spark?

What device can you Spark with?

Communication Examples

  • Morning Announcements - Spark Video
  • Social Media Posts - Spark Post
  • Digital Displays - Spark Post
  • District Communications - All
  • Counseling Center - Advisory Lessons - Spark Video
  • Career Center Advertisements
  • Postcards, flyers, certificates, invitations - Thanks to Tanya
  • Newsletters
  • Live event page - Thanks to Braden
  • Teacher Portfolios - Thanks to Heidi | Teacher Introductions (Joe Dockery)
  • Lessons - Thanks to Randall
  • How to... (input time off into the substitute system)
  • Fundraiser
  • Presentations - staff meetings, parent events, multi-language
  • Share Your Ideas | See These Ideas

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Please help the person next to you and then explore one of the apps!

Spark Post Challenge

Create an Adobe Spark Post Facebook Ad. Include the following text. No school due to snow. June 25, 2018. Include some cool images and play with the text a little. Hit "Share" and then add your example.

Spark Video Challenge

Create a 2-3 slide Spark Video to inform parents about the snow day. Include the following text. No school due to snow. June 25, 2018. Include some cool images and play with the music and themes a little. Hit "Share"!

Spark Page Challenge

Create a Spark Page to inform parents about the snow day. Include the Spark Post and Video you just create and themes a little. Add a button to the following links http://www.flashalert.net/regions/ . Hit "Share"!


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Joe Dockery

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