2017 Hinsdale Hospital Foundation Generosity Report Financial Report & Honor Roll of Donors


Dear Friends of the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation,

Something remarkable happens when we reflect on the people around us and all that they dream, attempt, and accomplish. We see that at the core of it all is generosity, and we see how that generosity heals. It is more than generosity as a source of funds---it is generosity as a way of life. It is the heartbeat behind everything you experience here and everything we do. This report reflects on some of the highlights from the abundance of generosity witnessed at AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center Hinsdale & the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation from January 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017.

We begin the report with photos of some of the many ways in which your generosity and support have made a difference in the lives of our patients. Thank you for all that you do.

With gratitude,

Lisa Hutcherson

Chairman, Hinsdale Hospital Foundation Board

The Hinsdale Hospital Foundation Board of Directors

We thank the visionary, dedicated community members, physicians, and hospital leaders who volunteer their services to guide our philanthropic mission.

Hinsdale Hospital Foundation Board of Directors

Dr. Dick Bulger, Rich Ciccarone, Dr. Benjamin Domb, Mike Goebel, Dr. Scott Guth, Marty Malecki, Ed McCarthy, Patty McKay, Dick Moore, Ralph Mueller, Natalie Perry, Pam Pierce, Jay Pollitt, Emilio Salvi, Mike Sutton, Randy Waring, Dr. Lanny Wilson and Tony Yager

A look at our generous community . . .

The 2017 Spring Medallion Ball

The 2017 Spring Medallion Ball gathered some of our communities' finest physicians and philanthropists to celebrate the first year of care brought by our AMITA Health Cancer Institute Hinsdale. The elegant evening was held at The Langham Hotel, Chicago on Saturday, April 8th with proceeds benefiting the Cancer Institute.

Medallion Ball Committee

We greatly appreciate the leadership of the Medallion Ball Committee Co-Chairs for their contribution to the evening's success and for giving a fresh look to this legacy event.

Lisa Hutcherson and Scott Goodman

Deanna and Mike Labedz

Elizabeth and Richard Tomich

Lynne and Andrew Wallace

The evening's program featured a short video highlighting the Cancer Institute's impact on our community. Foundation Board Chair, Lisa Hutcherson, put it best, "Just because the doors are open does not mean it is time to stop giving. There are always needs. We still need to support. We still need to grow and to better what we have created."

Video Presentation: Every Day, Every Moment, Every Patient…

In Gratitude to the many community members, physicians and friends whose generous support made the 2017 Spring Medallion Ball a great success.

Financial Statements

Every gift matters . . . Gifts Received

The Foundation received contributions and special event revenue totaling $1,171,096 during calendar year 2016.

Cash and Pledge Payments received = $1,138,596

Additional New Pledge Commitments = $32,500

President's Circle: Individuals and Family Foundations

Hinsdale Hospital Foundation's President's Circle recognizes the invaluable group of donors who help our hospital meet emergent need and jump-start innovative new programs with gifts of $1,500 or more annually. Beyond the immediate value of their annual gifts, President's Circle members model for all how families, nurses, physicians, and close friends can best invest in the well-being of a community and build programs to bring comfort and healing.

To each of you recognized here: Your leadership giving and enthusiastic commitment inspire us all.

Anonymous (2)

The Allyn Foundation Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Adducci

Mr. and Mrs. D. Scott Alter*

Mrs. Kathy Anderson

The Andrews Family

Mr. Venanzio P. Arquilla*

Assembly Board of the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation*

B.L. & R.M. Whitson Memorial Trust*

Beard Family Foundation*

Kimberly Beard

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Besio

The Michael J. Birck Family*

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Bloom

Ms. Susan Bonnevier

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bowater

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Boyce

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley L. Brehm

Mary and Robert J. Buddig and Family*

Boz and Ann Bulovic*

Mr. and Mrs. Dean L. Buntrock*

Mr. Richard M. Burridge, Sr.*

Richard and Andrea Burridge Charitable Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Burtker

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cecchini

Mr. Marc D. Cella

Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Chapello

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ciccarone

Pam Cieslak

Ms. Lisa M. Claussen

Community Memorial Foundation

Kimberly Coogan

David and Heidi Crane*

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Creber

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dellaportas

Diones Desideri

Jeffrey and Julie Diermeier*

Mr. Miguel A. Dominguez

The Donald J. McAuliffe Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Driscoll

President's Circle, Individual's & Family Foundations, continued . . .

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Early

Mrs. Barbara T. Erickson*

Virginia Feller

Mr. and Mrs. J. David Fikejs

Mrs. Charles O. Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fowler

Ms. Ann Marie Gaber-Niemer

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Goebel

Roxy Goebel

Richard and Linda Green*

Joseph Greenwald

June Guckien†

Mr. and Mrs. William Guckien

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Hansen

Mary Louise Hendrickson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Herbst

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hetke

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Higgins

Mr. and Mrs. Gene R. Hill*

Hinsdale Township High School District #86 Students, Families & Staff

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Hoffman

Mr. Warren F. Hrstka

Peter and Heidi Huizenga*

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hurd, Jr.

Ms. Lisa Hutcherson*

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. Hyland

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jessopp

Gene and Patty Johnson

Howard and Barbara Jones*

Mr. Ronald C. Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Keller*

Donald P. and Byrd M. Kelly Foundation*

Chief Patrick Kenny and Eileen Madden-Kenny†

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred N. Koplin*

The Koranda Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Kral

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Krehbiel*

Chaplain Lynn C. Kumis and Mr. George C. Kumis

Evelyn Kupec†

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Kwasigroch

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Labedz

President's Circle, Individual's & Family Foundations, continued . . .

Craig and Marggy Lacy

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Landis

Mr. Jack R. Lazzara*

Sylvia Leber

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lee

Lillibridge Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Livingston

Dr. and Mrs. Roland E. Lonser*

Lorelei Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark Lozier

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Ludwigson

Mr. Allan L. Maca

Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. Malecki*

Mr. and Mrs. Shane Mathis

Mr. and Mrs. Phil G. Mavon III

Mr. and Mrs. Liam G. McCarthy

Mr. Matthew McGuire

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. McKay*

Mr. and Mrs. John P. McMahon

C. Louis Meyer Family Foundation*

Mr. Bernard J. Miotek

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Mojden

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moore

Ralph and Laura Mueller

Ms. Sandra Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Mulhern

Mrs. Lee Munder

Mr. and Mrs. Clay P. Naccarato*

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Naccarato

Mr. and Mrs. John Nalbach

Cheryl and Robert Nelson*

Ted† and Kate Nelson*

Edmond & Alice Opler Foundation*

Hon. and Mrs. Stuart E. Palmer*

Ms. Susan M. Patchin

Mr. Robert E. Peckenpaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Perry

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Phillip

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Pierce

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Pircon*

President's Circle, Individual's & Family Foundations, continued . . .

Jay Pollitt

Jim and Sally Porter

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Powers

The Purvin Foundation*

Putt-Putts Golf League

Reed Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Rettig, Sr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Reynolds, Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rogulic

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip B. Rooney*

The Rooney Family Foundation*

Mr. Kenneth A. Rose

Ms. Susan M. Rosenhain

Mr. and Mrs. Don Russell

Stephen Joseph Ryan Foundation: Guys Like Us

Jim and Anne Scheer

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Scholl

Matt and Sharon Schuler

Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Scott

Mr. Craig M. Seidel

Mr. and Mrs. John Simon

Mr. and Mrs. Mark St. Cyr

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry R. Steinborn*

Ms. Cheri Sweigard

Richard and Kristy Sweigard Family

TIF Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. James Today

Topfer Family Foundation*

Mr. and Mrs. Garry Treft

Ms. Kathryn C. Vander Zanden

Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick D. Veenbaas

Volunteer Board of Adventist Hinsdale Hospital

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Wallace

Joan W. Ward

Mr. and Mrs. R. Randall Waring

Mr. Jay Weinberger*

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Weinberger*

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Weinberger*

Ms. Cynthia Wolfer

Ms. Carol S. Wroble

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Yager

*Lifetime members are recognized for cumulative giving that totals $100,000 or more.

We thank each of you for helping propel us to excellence for so many years.

†We also remember with fondness and gratitude in our hearts those President's Circle members who died since our last report.

President's Circle: Physician and Medical Partners

Thank you to these physicians and medical practices for investing in advances in healthcare which provide lasting solutions for our patients. Your philanthropic investment and leadership leave a rich legacy of healing. We are especially grateful to our Lifetime Members (designated with an *) for their extraordinary support.

Donor Feature: DuPage Pathology Associates, S.C.

For over 35 years DuPage Pathology Associates has been providing care to patients in the western suburbs. The group is composed of 12 board-certified physicians who partner with our physicians to provide expertise in a broad range of patient services. DuPage Pathology recognizes the need to invest in the hospital's healing mission through both philanthropy and volunteer leadership. Dr. Dino Vallero has served on the Foundation Board for many years including a role as Board Chair. We express our gratitude to DuPage Pathology for their generosity and leadership.

Adventist Health Partners, Inc.

Adventist Health System*

Adventist Hinsdale & La Grange Memorial Hospitals Medical Staff*

AMITA Health Heart and Vascular*

AMITA Health Medical Group, Oncology* (Formerly known as Illinois Cancer Specialists)

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Becker

Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Bulger

Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgical Associates

Dr. Joel Z. Cornfield and Ms. Judy L. Laner

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony DiGianfilippo

Dr. Pamela E. Dorne

DuPage Pathology Associates, S.C.*

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Gautheir*

Drs. Girgis & Associates, S.C.

Dr. and Mrs. Tawfik Girgis

Dr. and Mrs. Scott M. Guth

Hinsdale Dental LLC

Hinsdale Anesthesia Associates, Ltd.*

Hinsdale Orthopaedic Associates, S.C.*

Dr. and Mrs. George T. Hodakowski

AMITA Health Oncology

Illinois Emergency Medicine Specialists, LLC*

Dr. Gary R. Lipinski and Ms. Mary B. Kilmer

Dr. and Mrs. Byong H. Moon

Radiation Oncology Consultants, Ltd.

Dr. and Mrs. Leo J. Roberts

Dr. and Mrs. Francis W. Strehl

Suburban Pulmonary & Sleep Associates, Ltd.*

Suburban Radiologists, S.C.*

Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Sweet

Dr. and Mrs. Dino U. Vallera*

Dr. Jacqueline G. Walker and Mr. Cameron Walker

Dr. Lanny F. Wilson and Rev. Linnea Wilson*

Dr. J. Norman Young*

Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Zeck

Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Zindrick*

2016 Hinsdale Assembly Parents and Debutantes

These families whose daughters bowed at the 2016 Hinsdale Assembly Ball, were recognized as members of the 2016 President's Circle to reflect their generous commitment of time, talent, and treasure in support of AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center Hinsdale.

Mrs. Lauren Biszewski Dodd, Ms. Isabella Dodd

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gerard Dumon, Ms. Caroline Dumon

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Robert Eichelman, Ms. Nicole Eichelman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Orre Excell, Ms. Lauren Excell

Mr. and Mrs. John David Fikejs, Ms. Kayleigh Fikejs

Mr. and Mrs. David Gaber, Ms. Elizabeth Gaber

Mr. and Mrs. Graham Leith Hershman, Ms. Regan Moster

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Joseph Guido, Ms. Paden Guido

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heidkamp, Ms. Barbara Heidkamp

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hess, Ms. Abigal Hess

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lavins, Ms. Gillian Lavins

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Henry Malecki III, Ms. Courtney Malecki

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Marks, Ms. Hope Marks

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thomas Moran, Ms. Claire Moran

Mr. and Mrs. John A. C. Morris, Jr., Mr. Caroline Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rodgers, Ms. Katherine Rodgers

Dr. and Mrs. Elias Rudy Sabbagha, Ms. Sydney Sabbagha

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Leonard Skowron, Ms. Alexis Skowron

Mr. and Mrs. John VanMeter Stapleton, Ms. Emma Stapleton

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Leo Usher, Ms. Eleanor Usher

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Joseph Usher, Ms. Samantha Usher

Mr. and Mrs. James Francis Vanek, Ms. Hannah Vanek

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Donald Wilder, Ms. Blair Wilder

Mr. and Mrs. James Wolfe, Ms. Annalise Wolfe

2017 Hinsdale Assembly Parents and Debutantes

We also welcomed the 2017 Hinsdale Assembly Parents and Debutantes as President's Circle members. This inspiring group of Debutantes and Honor Guard commit themselves to service throughout the year including such events as St. Thomas Hospice Winter Carnival and more…

Dr. Pamela Ellen Dorne & Mr. Stephen Richard Ayres, Ms. Jennifer Ayres

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Crosby Becker, Ms. Madison Becker

Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph Berger, Ms. Karly Berger

Mr. and Mrs. Michael James Burr, Ms. Riley Burr

Mr. and Mrs. Bill R. Burress, Ms. Olivia Burress

Dr. Anish Kumar Chatterje and Dr. Leslie Marie Besecke, Ms. Alyson Chatterjee

Mr. and Mrs. David Chiappe, Ms. Mia Chiappe

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Scott Richardson, Ms. Fallon Margaret Corcoran

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Patrick Garvin, Ms. Shannon Garvin

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Guido, Ms. Elizabeth Guido

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Howard Jones, Ms. Meghan Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kolnicki, Ms. Karsen Kolnicki

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McGinley Latimer, Ms. Bryn Latimer

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Keebeck Lee, Ms. Mia Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Lee, Ms. Samantha Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Russell McManus, Ms. Sarah McManus

Dr. and Mrs. Brian Joseph Moran, Ms. Nora Moran

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harrison Moran, Ms. Kate Moran

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pavich, Ms. Alyssa Pavich

Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Eduardo Pollitt, Ms. Olivia Pollitt

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Shupe, Ms. Bridget Shupe

Mr. and Mrs. George Michael Ward, Ms. Abigal Ward

Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Weil, Ms. Claire Weil

Mr. and Mrs. William Raymond White, Ms. Devon White

St. Thomas Hospice

AMITA Health Adventist St. Thomas Hospice knows that children grieve in special ways and have special needs in coping with the loss of someone dear to them. Bereavement camp helps meet those needs. Our five-day Tommy's Kids Camp and our overnight Camp Erin-Chicago (featured in this photo) provide opportunities to bond with peers who know just what they are going through. Our campers benefit from the compassionate guidance of trained bereavement volunteers.

We humbly share these comments on the healing impact found throughout hospice services.

"Your kindness and goodness have been lifting me and my children over rocky paths for a very long time now. And so a special thanks for helping us heal our wounded hearts."

"Thank you for the love and support you have given to me and for the loving care you gave to Mom. The nurses and aides were her angels, and I’m so grateful. Please accept this gift in loving memory of mom."

"I can’t thank you enough for all your support, love, and prayers for my Paul during this difficult time. What wonderful giving people your nurses and volunteers are. God will surely bless you all. It was so comforting to know he was never alone when I could not be there."

St. Thomas Hospice President's Circle

We give special recognition to the following individuals and organizations who support St. Thomas Hospice at a leadership level with gifts of $1,000 or more. You are vital in sustaining our heart-healing mission.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Adducci

Adolf Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Ltd.

Mrs. Therese Pasin Brandenstein

Chapman and Cutler, LLP

Pam Cieslak

Dr. Joel Z. Cornfield and Ms. Judy L. Laner

DuPage Cremations, Ltd.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry K. Fellows

Joseph and Sophia Foley

Joseph Greenwald

Mr. and Mrs. William Guckien

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Korber

The Moyer Foundation

Glen R. Ostdiek

Thomas P. and Patricia A. O'Donnell Foundation

Mr. Robert E. Peckenpaugh

Terry Romanov

Stephen Joseph Ryan Foundation: Guys Like Us

Mrs. Donna Strange

The Donald J. McAuliffe Family Foundation

The Moyer Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Thompson

Doug and Trina Welin

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Winkel

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Yager

President's Circle: Corporations, Foundations & Other Organizations

Donor Feature: Howl at the Moon

Howl at the Moon has been a Generous Partner and Friend of the Foundation since 2012. During this time, they have raised over $150,000 for the Open Arms Breast Cancer Outreach Fund, which brings hope and healing to patients who are navigating the difficult journey through breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. This critical assistance and support has had a true impact on cancer patients and on women who otherwise could not afford life-saving cancer screenings.

On Saturday, November 11th, Howl at the Moon expanded their partnership by hosting Howl it Up!, an event at the Continental AutoSports Ferrari Maserati Dealership, Hinsdale. The evening was a tremendous success with net proceeds of over $45,000 to support the cancer center's program needs.

We thank The Brian & Betsy Sweeney Family, the leadership team, staff, and customers of Howl at the Moon and Continental Motor Sports and The Weinberger Family for being champions of our healing mission.

Abbott Laboratories*

Adolf Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Ltd.

Anderson Mikos Architects, Ltd.*


Bella Baby Photography

BMO Harris Bank-Hinsdale*

Boston Scientific Corporation

Brighton Retail

Bulley & Andrews, L.L.C.*

Chapman and Cutler, LLP*

Community Memorial Foundation

Community Unit School District 201

Continental AutoSports*

Continental Motors Group*

The Crapple Foundation

Darien Lions Club

DePuy Spine, Inc.*

DuPage Cremations, Ltd.

Dynamic Manufacturing, Inc.*

E Collins Consulting


Fowler Group, LLC

Fuller's Car Wash Service Center*

Hinsdale Bank & Trust, Co.*

Hinsdale Junior Woman's Club

Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP*

Howl at the Moon*

Ice Miller

Illinois Tool Works Foundation*

Institute of Healthcare Executives & Suppliers

JDM Steel Services, Inc.

Kramer Foods*

Lake Union Conference of S.D.A.*

McDonald's Corporation*

Merchants' Credit Guide Company

Midtown Athletic Club

Molex, Incorporated*

The Moyer Foundation

National Arts Program Foundation

The Northern Trust Company Charitable Trust*

Nora Fleming LLC

Oak Brook Park District and the Pink 5k Participants

Oak Street Partners Inc

Orthofix Orthopedics North America*

Pepperidge Farm, Inc.*

Perennial Designs

The William Rich Foundation*

Rotary Club of Hinsdale

Sima Solutions, LLC


Tellabs Foundation*

Waste Management, Inc.*

Weskar Corporation

Whole Foods Market

Memorial Gifts

Donor Feature: The Cronin Family

It is often said that cancer impacts the entire family, and in the case of Michael Cronin, this was especially true. As one of nine children in a large, Irish Catholic family, Michael grew up with an abundance of love and faith. When Michael was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer the Cronin siblings rallied and formed a brigade of help, from driving and attending appointments to compassionate and spiritual care. Physicians, Dr. Harting and Dr. Sweeney, and navigators, Mary Beth Zill and Deb Ellsworth, joined the team, and this unconditional love from all fronts eased his difficult journey and lightened his heavy burden.

Sadly, in November 2016, Michael lost his battle with cancer. Although grief-stricken, the family found comfort and healing in the knowledge that Michael’s journey was filled with love and exceptional care. The family honored Michael’s care through a generous gift and by selecting the Cancer Institute as the recipient of Michael’s memorials, in honor of Michael’s nurse navigator, Mary Beth Zill. They attested:

“Mary Beth Zill, RN, was always available to Michael and our family. Mary Beth’s comforting words, simplified explanations and genuine friendship brought Michael peace throughout his illness. The role of Navigator is invaluable and instrumental to the success of the Cancer Institute. It is our hope that this donation will be a fond reminder of Michael and know he appreciated all the support and friendship the Navigators provided. Michael was truly lucky to have received such great care”.

The Hinsdale Hospital Foundation honors Michael, the Cronin Family and all those who find hope and healing in the compassionate care offered at AMITA Health Cancer Institute including the family's own charitable gift.Memorial gifts honoring the following individuals were received between January 1. 2016 and September 30, 2017. Peace to their memory . . .

Honor Gifts

We are pleased to help you honor a loved one, a staff member or even a whole team in our hospital, hospice, or cancer institute. The news of these tributes were shared with all involved. Thank you for expressing your gratitude with a celebratory gift .

The Mary and David Paulson Legacy Society

These community members have generously included our Hospital or Hospice in their estate plans, helping ensure the healing ministry of our organization continues for generations to come. Named for the founders of Hinsdale Hospital, Mary and David Paulson, this legacy designation belongs to those who believe in planting trees under which our children's children will find shade.

Donor Profile: Chris and Sue Lyons

More than a decade ago Chris Lyons was diagnosed with throat cancer and faced a long and frightening journey. Chris and Susan Lyons and their five young children would not make that journey alone. The physicians, nurses, and staff at AMITA Health Adventist Hinsdale Medical Center became what Chris calls their “A-Team.”

“I knew I was in good hands,” says Chris. “My doctors were the best, and no one ever made me feel like a patient. They made me feel like a person, someone they were fighting for.” Susan agrees, “We were overwhelmed, but we always felt that we were not in this alone.” Susan adds: “I truly believe that’s what will make the difference. It’s what got Chris to this point of being cancer free for several years. We cannot thank Hinsdale Hospital and these fantastic people enough.”

The Lyons Family expressed their gratitude with a Legacy Gift, which is honored in the Healing Garden at the AMITA Health Cancer Institute.

Dedicated Partners Extend our Healing Mission

We humbly salute the goods works of the Assembly Board of Hinsdale Hospital Foundation, the Foundation's Junior Board and our Associates Board. These three committees are official members of the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation and are comprised of dedicated community members.

Assembly Board of the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation

The Assembly Board of the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation

For over fifty years the debutantes, honor guard, their parents and the members of the Assembly Board of the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation have worked to advance the Hospital's role in our community. An important component of Assembly participation is service. Each class actively contributes to a lasting legacy of community service and leadership under the guidance of dedicated Assembly Board members.

The Assembly Board's generosity funded the hospital's Wellness Garden and greatly contributed to the building of the Koplin Pavilion, a commitment honored by naming the Hinsdale Assembly Board Surgical Unit on the pavilion's third floor. The Assembly Board will soon complete a $1,000,000 pledge to the Cancer Institute.

The Assembly Board of Hinsdale Hospital Foundation Board Members:

Pamela Pierce, Assembly Chair, Kathleen Andrews, Kimberly Beard, Molly Bowater, Alexis Buddig, Mary Buddig, Diane Chiappe, Barbara Early, Laurie Eichelman, Karen Fiascone, Jacqueline Fowler, Lee Gillman, Roxanna Goebel, Laurel Haarlow, Kimberly Harte, Victoria Hurst, Susanne Jones, Janie Lahmann, Jennifer Lavins, Katherine Lee, Linda Lozier, Lisa Lundgren, Rebecca Mavon, Kelly McMahon, Maria Mohl, Elaine Moore, Alison Pollitt, Rose Staat, Stephanie Stapleton, Anne Theophilos and Pamela White.

Junior Board at the 2016 Ice Cream Social

The Hinsdale Hospital Foundation Junior Board

The Hinsdale Hospital Foundation Junior Board is an organization for local area high school students to benefit the faith-based mission of the hospital and support the community it serves. It offers opportunities for leadership, service projects, and education. The Junior Board members participate in a number of hospital outreach activities, including staffing the ice cream social, caroling to patients at Christmas, gathering supplies for the hospital's mission trip, and the Rotary's annual Rooney Run. The Junior Board is guided in their activities by a dedicated team of volunteer parents, as follows:

Colleen Salvino, Chairperson

2016-2017 Parent Board: Noella Brewer, Ellen Cleary, Julie Dumon, Carolyn Excell, Jennifer Lavins, Julie Potts, Kay Sharples, Janet Waring and Katie Zidell

The Associates Board Photographed in the NICU with their Kanga Chair Donation

Hinsdale Hospital Foundation Associates Board

The Associates Board at Hinsdale Hospital Foundation, directly supports AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center Hinsdale. The Associates Board complements the efforts of the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation by uniting young, committed community members who are passionate about supporting healthcare and enhancing the quality of care at the Hospital.

Associates Board Executive Committee

Briana Brandt-Murray, Tracy Allegra, Kaitlyn Gandy, Kristen Gianatasio, Katie Jaqua and Melanie Lee.

If we've made an error or omission in honoring your generosity, please accept our apologies. You are a valued partner, and we will gladly correct the report upon notification.

The Hinsdale Hospital Foundation is an independent entity dedicated to maximizing good will and philanthropy for AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center Hinsdale and its hospice, cancer, and outpatient programs. In existence since 1984 and legally separate from AMITA Health, we are a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization as defined in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

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