Amrita Jnana Gita Sweet-blissful song of wisdom

​God himself ist silently present.

​Remain in sweet-blissful ONENESS with all that arises in this silent presence.​

Be what you ARE, which is by itself in sweet-blissful ONENESS ​with all.

This sweet-blissful ONENESS is in and by itself undivided BEINGNESS, not seperate, different or in any other way removed from this very present moment as it appears. This sweet-blissful ONENESS is everything that IS.

Sweet-blissful ONENESS is - independent ​of inner and outer life circumstances - always and already so.

It is without cause, without a beginning, without an end - already existing.

Sweet-blissful ONENESS need not be searched for because it is what you ARE.

Feelings of seperation are fleeting and illusory since they appear ​only temporarily in body and mind - and are nothing more than a shadow of your SELF.

In truth, this sweet-blissful ONENESS can never be lost.

All people who imagine to be seperate from their true Self, sometime set out on a quest for themselves,​ in order to recognize one's true identity in sweet-blissful ONENESS.

The quest is merely an imaginary adventure and you as the seeker are the imagined, seperate I.

What you are longing for is THAT, what you have always BEEN all along.​

Every kind of quest originates from a physical form of consciousness, an apparent mechanism of disconnection, a core sensation of being separate.​ Whereas the sweet-blissful ONENESS has always been here - a fundamental truth as basic reality - preceding every quest.

See the seemingly seperate I as​ a magical act of Self-Seperation, as a veiling process, as a knot that dissolves by itself into sweet-blissful ONENESS.

The sensation of Separate-Being transcends by itself, directly and again and again in the source, which you ARE.​

You, the SELF , are the realisation come true of sweet-blissful ONENESS.

God himself is silently present. Feel the silence and surrender to it until the apparent mechanism of disconnection is dissolved and disappeared.​

Direct your attention tenderly towards the silence and linger. Be still. That's how you will become free from the feeling of Self-Seperation.​

Be aware of the silence, right now and again and again, the sweet-blissful ONENESS - as your own, true nature, which can never be lost. ​

Be still and realized in the sweet-blissful ONENESS and to everything that reveals itself in the present moment.​

Immerse yourself in the silence​. Surrender all movement in body and mind, all perceptions, thoughts and feelings to SOURCE until every apparent problem and every apparent act of separateness transcends on its own accord the very instant it emerges.

May the silence that is also Self-illuminating be your constant and faithful guide until the idea of guidelines disappears and you ARE the Self-illuminated.

Intimacy, devotion and love to the silent presence is melting the seemingly isolated I - counteract the feeling of Self-Separation and make you forget about yourself. In the silence one forgets himself and all tendencies of Self-Separation, vibrating in the body and mind, shall be overcome by radiance and grace.

​When the silence and the radiance draws you in, let yourself be absorbed and led within. Being the SELF transcends thoughts, feelings and actions. It transcends your destiny.

No longer lose yourself in thoughts, feelings and sto​ries. Lose yourself in the silent presence, in sweet-blissful ONENES.

Be fully home and protected through the openness of your heart- in the bright, radiant presence you truly ARE.

Be devoted and extend and open up tenderly to THAT, which you as source have always already been.​

Stop thinking and forget personal problems, inner conditions and behavioral strategies. ​ Forget about body and mind, surrender all of it. Continue to open yourself to the silence and lose yourself entirely.

The silence transforms every circumstance into immediate intimacy with your SELF.​ Be with yourself just as you ARE, as everything appears.

​It is impossible not to be in sweet-blissful ONENESS with everything and everyone.

The silence and the radiance are the HEART itself.

In the HEART itself our seeming destiny gets drowned. This is what we call purified, freed.

Stand free, as an open, sensitive, self-giving HEART, silent and radiant.

See through the magical act of Self-Seperation and untie the knot of I by becoming aware of your SELF and the fullness within and find the one you ARE.

You will find your SELF and the fullness within, by letting go of all the things or by surrendering all things - inside and out - that you regard as your own. When the owner is gone, nothing will matter to you and nothing will determine you. Only silence and radiance presence will be your perception and fullness.

Remain in BEING, in FULLNESS, in your natural state​- transcending all delusions and transitory appearances.


Created By
Amrita Blanke


More Information see Created with images by strftime - "Stars" • PublicDomainPictures - "sunset red sky" • WikiImages - "messier 101 ngc 5457 galaxy" • Pexels - "dark milky way night" • WikiImages - "star clusters galaxy star" • Unsplash - "stars constellation sky" • claude05alleva - "sun's rays rays landscapes" • sandid - "sky cloud sunset" • jarmoluk - "clouds the rays the sun" • hschmider - "sunrise mood fog" • Justin LaBerge - "Stelvio Italy" • TomaszProszek - "east the sun sunrise" • aloshbennett - ""Heaven's Ledge"" • Nickbar - "sunset sun landscapes" • Aperture - "blue hour sunset water" • cocoparisienne - "sun setting sun sunset" • S. Bhaskara Rao India - "Sunrise serene"

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