The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By: Kyle SCheller

A very dark picture of myself outside of Constans Theatre

The Spatial Experience: The theater, compared to the other theaters I've been too, was relatively small. So even though I was in the back of the theater, I still felt involved, and I was definitely close enough to where I could stay mentally engaged. When the lights went out, the audience went completely silent, which I honestly didn't expect. The environment for the play was great, and contributed to me really liking the play. I feel like the environment that you're in ends up contributing to your definition of the good life. People, based on where they're from, value different things.

My friend Jimmy and I standing outside the theater.

The Social Experience: I went to the play with my roommate Jimmy. We've been good friends for a while, so it probably contributed to my experience, being that I could share my opinions with someone else throughout the play. To get ready for the play, we got dinner and did some homework, so the play served as a much needed break from working. Sharing an experience with someone, in my opinion, is much better than experiencing something alone.

Taking a selfie with the man, Henry Philip Constans

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The play helped me realize that too often, kids are taken advantage of, whether it be sexually or for labor. The play showed the secrecy behind this subject, and how most of the time, people who take advantage of children and their innocence, aren't caught. This was a central theme throughout the play. Before the play, I had a pretty decent understanding of the molestation of young children in the Catholic church by watching the movie Spotlight. This movie exposed me to how prevalent this disgusting act was, and is. Although I had a decent understanding, the play exposed me to another real life example, which cemented this unimaginable act as fact. This subject doesn't relate to me directly, but it does directly relate to plenty of people who have survived such atrocities.

Leaving the theater

The Emotional Experience: This play provides its audience with a real life example of how the Catholic church and other people of power can take advantage of children very easily. The theater provides us with an opportunity for katharsis in this case, by presenting us with preventable social issues that we can work together on to prevent. By realizing that indecent acts against kids is something that can be prevented, we can try to establish measures increasing their safety. Maybe we have disregarded these acts because they haven't happened to us, but now that we have been presented with an opportunity to change our mind set, we should.

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