Veni sancti spiritus By adrian gray

The two ways the holy spirit guides and influences the church:

1) the Holy Spirit helps us decide from right and wrong, and guides us to a better life. It also helps us get closer to Christ through many ways, one is baptism. Through baptism, we are called to be christians right after birth and to submit our will to Christ as his disciple. Another is through confirmation, in which we cleanse ourselves in holy oil and claim our Saint name to god.

2) it also helped in the making of the bible and sacred scripture in accordance to old biblical documents and vatican documents, in other words, the vatican has proof that the holy spirit enlightened prophets and the apostles to write the very stories in the bible.

Many church items can symbolize the holy spirit
The holy spirit is the drive for us to follow gods will

How does the holy spirit work?

the Holy Spirit works through the church through the Eucharist and the sacraments. By doing the sacraments and obtaining the Eucharist, our faith and intellect grows stronger and our bond with Christ grows deeper.

How does the holy spirit continue the works of jesus' minustry?

the Holy Spirit continues the work of Jesus and his ministry by showing people who he is and what he did for us. It works in mysterious ways that the lord wants it to work in. It guides us to better will and salvation as Jesus wanted us to do.


the work and power of the Holy Spirit is unmeasurable. Nobody knows how powerful the Holy Spirit can be but we do know is that it works in many ways possible. It unites everyone as one and shows how equal we really are.

Sources: bible,, laudate, chatechism od the catholic church, ave maria


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