Anne Frank Siler FiSher

Who was Anne Frank?

Anne Frank was a little Jewish girl who lived in Germany. Her family moved from Germany when Hitler came to power.

Why Did She Move?

She moved because Hitler, Germany's ruler at the time used the Jews as a scape goat for their problems. So they went to kill them all.

Where Did She Go?

First she left Germany and moved to Switzerland then she moved to Belgiuem.

Was She Safe?

She was safe for a few years. Germans gained control of Belgiuem and started restricting their privileges. But then one fateful day the government decided to send her sister to a labor camp.

What Did She Do?

Her parents had already set up a shelter to retreat to if things went sour. In fact most Jews went into hiding after a while.

Was She Okay?

It was fine in the beginning. Her family and a few others lived in the safe house. She wrote a journal about her experience in the safe house and updated it regularly. When the war was a few months away from ending, her hide out was found and they were all sent to labor camps.

How Did We Find Her Journal?

After they were freed from the labor camps her father found out that everyone else had died in the labor camp. He mourned and grieved for days on end. One day he found his daughters journal. He read it, and decided it was worth sharing. He typed our her entire diary and published it. To this day she still inspires us and fills our hearts with courage and empathy.

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