Flyers Basketball 2021 Game Program

2020-2021 Flyers Men's Basketball

Sandhills Community College

VS. Pasco Hernando State College

April 8, 2021 7:00pm

2020-21 Flyers Champions Club

In Memory of M. Glenn Nelson Jr.

Flyer Captains

First Class Flyers

John and Evelyn Dempsey

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Gruninger

Ron Layne

Donna and Wesley Ford

Jim and Reggie Reid

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Sweeney, Jr.

Pinewild Country Club


Pete and Tami Golden Mike and Dawn Apple

Dr. Larry and Mary Margaret McNeill

Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Olbon

John and Jo Williams

Richard Mandell Golf Architecture

Ollie and Wanda Sweeney

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Clement

Roy “Ted” Cox

Mr. Fred Herring


Marty McFlyer’s Fan Club


Mary and George Bridschge

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard N. Capstick

Deborah Clark

Mr. and Mrs. John A. McPhaul

The Honorable Marilyn Morgan Grube

Taylor McCaskill

Pinehurst Foot Specialist, P.A

Kathy Johnson


Jay and Shelby Basinger

Col. (Ret) Richard and Mary Ann McCrary

Bob and Mary Helm

Libba Thomas

Dr. and Mrs. G. Patrick Henderson

Mr. Danny Stein

Mr. William Wade

Mr. Vincent Cornelius

Cheer Club

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Carter

Dr. Pamela Guest and Dr. Robert McCall

Tom and Kathy McPherson

Drs. Gary and Marcia Krasicky

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Apple

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Leslie

Stu and Nancy Heilman

Gary and Kathy Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Arnold

Jim and Holly Powell

Pasco Hernando State College

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