I am a alien bee came from the Kelly planet. I came to Earth because I wants to make friends, that's right, I had no friends.
I made friend with this kangaroo, except it always wants to punch me, but at least I made friends.
This pig is rich, it has a lots and lots of money in his "pocket", and he is very sensitive, about money.
I found out my life should be over, it has been 20 years after I first landed on Earth, and all of my friends died and passed away. I used tissues everyday to wipe my tears, but the sadness will never ends.
Finally, I found a purpose of my life and being recycled and was restored with the bottles, waiting for what's ahead of me. BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... THE END


Created with images by Michael Seeley - "International Space Station over the Space Coast of Florida (Merritt Island)"

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