Florida Museum of Natural History rachel wechsler

Nature on Display

While walking through the butterfly exhibit, I felt as if I was one with nature. The butterflies fly around and it makes you feel iike you are coexisting with the butterflies in their environment. The best part of the exhibit was being able to not only view the butterflies on display, but to also be able to interact with them and feel at peace while doing so. Each and every butterfly had their own unique appearance and so many exotic designs that really caught my eye. This exhibit was most tlikely my favorite one that I saw this day because it was very interactive and such an interesting experience that I hadn't had before. This relates to the good life because experiencing nature is extremely crucial to having peaceful experiences and being calm and enjoying one's surroundings.

Nature and Ethics

This exhibit discusses the hundreds of people who move to Florida every single day. The constant moving of people and the actions of all of these people assist in the destruction of Florida's habitat very often. This exhibit shows photos from the past and present and helps viewers to gain a deeper understanding of what can occur if we continue to not treat our home correctly. The exhibit focuses mostly on South Florida because they have a lot of damage due to the people that live there not caring all that much about protecting the environment. This is unethical because as habitants of the state of Florida, it is our job to keep the state clean and to not ruin that beautiful land that we live on. This ties into achieving the good life because in order to achieve any type of good life, we must be respectful and understand our boundaries. We cannot destroy our home, and viewing this exhibit did a good job of reinforcing this in my mind.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Many people use nature as a way to channel their emotions and to be spiritual. I am from a suburbial town in New York, therefore growing up, I did not visit beach scenes all that often. When I went on vacation with my family, I always loved spending time on the beach and just relaxing while looking at my surroundings. Destinations like these made me gain a greater appreciation for nature and how it helps people to feel connections. As part of achieving the good life, we need to make sure that we truly take time to appreciate everything that the world has to offer us. Coming from the town that I do, it is so wonderful when I get to take trips to a beach or a lake, and coming to school in Florida has really reinforced my feelings on this. I have learned not to take the beautiful world that we live in for granted because there is so much that the world has to offer us.

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