The 3 Agricultural Revolutions by: evan O'konek

The first agricultural revolution started around 11,000 BC as a result of the warming period after the ice age. It was when humans changed from hunting and gathering to production of crops and livestock.

Barley ,wheat and corn were some of the first crops grown by humans

The second agricultural revolution happened around the same time as the industrial revolution (17th-18th centuries).new crops came into Europe from trade with the Americas, including corn and potatoes

New inventions to help farmers grow crops

Advances in breeding livestock enabled farmers to develop new breeds that were either strong milk producers or good for beef. By the 1830s, farmers were using new fertilizers on crops and feeding artificial feeds to livestock. Increased agricultural output made it possible to feed much larger urban populations, enabling the growth of a secondary (industrial) economy.

Third revolution came with two main practices: the introduction of newer higher-yield seeds and the expanded use of fertilizers.allowed scientists to create higher-yield hybrids that are adapted to environmental conditions in specific regions.and the development of genetically engineered crops (GE) or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).Some regions have either banned or embraced genetically engineered crops.

commercial farming is farming with advanced technology for profit with only a few workers.subsistence farming is when the farmer only produces enough food to support him and their family if they have one.Sustainable farming is farming that protects the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare.

These boys are doing subsistence farming

1.Plows were invented in the Middle East soon after agriculture began. The earliest plow, called an ard, was probably made from sharpened tree branches.

2.In A.D. 644, Arab scientists developed a windmill to pump water for irrigation.

3.More than 6,000 different kinds of apples are grown around the world.

4.Tractors were invented in the 1880s to pull plows through fields.


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