shroud of turin by jay hampton

the shroud of Turin has been a very controversial subject for many years and dates all the way back in between 1260-1390. it is said to be the shroud that covered the corpse of Jesus Christ himself, here are some reasons why it is so controversial.

one reason why people think that it is the shroud that covered Jesus is because of the wounds that are shown by the forensics analyzed on the shroud for example One wrist bears a large, round wound, apparently from piercing (the second wrist is hidden by the folding of the hands), Upward gouge in the side penetrating into the thoracic cavity, Small punctures around the forehead and scalp, Scores of linear wounds on the torso and legs, Swelling of the face, Streams of blood down both arms

another reason why it may be the shroud that covered jesus is because An analysis of pollen grains and plant images place the origin of the "Shroud of Turin," thought by many to be the burial cloth of Jesus of Nazareth, in Jerusalem before the 8th Century. which shows that the shroud was in Jerusalem at some point which opens up the possibility that it could have belonged to the body of jesus

the last reason it may be the shroud of jesus is because In 1997 physician and forensic pathologist Robert Bucklin constructed a scenario of how a systematic autopsy on the man of the shroud would have been conducted. He noted the series of traumatic injuries which extend from the shoulder areas to the lower portion of the back, which he considered consistent with whipping; and marks on the right shoulder blade which he concluded were signs of carrying a heavy object. bucklin concluded that the image was of a real person, subject to crucifixion. this also shows that it may belong to jesus because he was also subjected to crucifixion.

one reason that it may not be the shroud of turin is because the only scientific way that the image would be imprinted on the cloth in such a manner is through high energy radiation and without proof of radiation that shows that there isnt really a possibility of that

there is also a possibility that the shroud is fake because In an attempt to establish a religion to gain power and wealth, the Church forgery mill did not limit itself to mere writings but for centuries cranked out thousands of phony "relics" of its "Lord," "Apostles" and "Saints." which means that the shroud could be among the fake relics

last but not least the shroud of turin should have signs of tremendous blood loss but the only stains on the shroud are still red( blood turns a blackish color as it ages) and the stains have been tested and have been proved to be red ocher and paint.

i personally do not have an opinion on the subject because i feel like the shroud has been physically tampered with, too many different scientific findings contradict each other, and theres no way to find a definitive answer of why and or how it got to italy without the travel being documented in some way


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