The ABC'S of Africa By JOnah LOcke

Things that you will find in Africa from A-Z

Africa - second largest continent on earth located south of Europe.

Berbers - A nomadic tribe that still roams Africa today they are the most known African tribe who travel the land.

Currency - the mainly used currency may surprise but it is actually salt African people usually do not have a fridge or freezer to store their food in so they use salt instead of coldness.

desert - the deserts of Africa take up about half the continent which is saying something since it is the second largest continent in the world

Ebola - a virus that became in epidemic in Africa that can cause internal bleeding and many other problems if not treated

Forest - Africa has rain forest that show up around the middle of the continent

Groot river - a minor river in Africa I associate it with a character from a movie to help remember

Homes - they live in clay mud homes they build to keep heat and coolness in

Internet - Africa only has 13% of their continent with internet compared to the U.S's 84%

Jade - is a type of jewel that is found and mined in Africa

Kings - Musa the 1 of Mali was the ruler of Mali

lives - the average life of an African is 52.5 years ( median of the two men was 52 female was 53 )

margate sands - one of the many resorts on the coasts of Africa

Nile - longest river in the world

Oil - abundant source of oil in Africa

porcupines - spiky animals that live in Africa

Qinling panda - A panda that is relatively unknown compared to its other species the giant panda

Ra - the African god of the sun

Sloughi - African dog

Timbuktu - African religious town

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Jonah Locke

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