Preparing for the Future By: ANAYA SORRELLS

Will students be prepared to become adults in the future from what they are learning in school? Schools should focus on teaching students the skills they need after school. All school teaches you is for more and more school which for some people it is a waste of time, unless you want an academic job.

There are only limited hours in a day and limited days in your life, and most of them are spent in school. According to New York Times, Mayaih states; “Students are not getting the necessary skills they need to continue after high school. Students are being forced to take classes that they never plan on taking while moving up to a higher level of education. Students are wasting valuable time learning material that is meaningless to them. Instead students should be learning skills that engages them and more importantly skills that will prepare them for college” (Mayaih). Some students do not have someone to explain to them information they need for the future.

Not everyone has a parent or guardian to spend time explaining what they need for the future. According to Daily Mail ¨Families are spending little over half an hour quality time together during the week because of the demands of modern life¨(Mccann.)Schools will not have a class to teach you how to pay bills. They shouldn’t have to find out by themselves.

It could be argued by teachers (who like to teach classes that students do not not want to continue in the future,) that students must learn algebra and English because they will need it. They probably won’t find students doing algebra, that being said some students can get straight to what they want to do for the future they can go for it.

Students should be able to get straight to their career if they would like to. Students are learning not important information that is needed for the future. Students need schools to teach them important things that are needed for their career and for just life so they can get started right away.


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