Ecosystem by megan childs

`How are living things connected?

living things are connected by how they depend on each other. For Example:bees depend on the flower to give the bees the pollen. The flower depends on the bees to spred the pollen, flower to flower.


A bee is getting pollen from the flower.

Another example:polar bears depend on the water to get seals from a watering hole. The water depends on the polar bear to swim in the water.

My example

A polar bear in water (swimming).

another fact about how living things are connected is that it means how do they depend on each other, like i said in the paragraphs above.

What happends if there are changes to the ecosystem or if one thing is removed from the food web?

A change that might happen to the ecosytem is wildfire. A wildfire can cause animals to die or make animals to go to another place. If the animals have to move they would be in a different ecosystem than normal. If they are in a different ecosytem they may not no how to live or survive. If the animals die it will effect the food chain by having less animals on the food chain. Then all the animals will die.Then we will die and then nobody will be on earth.


Animals in a ecosystem

The End

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megan childs


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