Canbury School Newsletter March 16th 2018. issue 122

Dear Parents and Visitors

I have just been joining in with Year 7 who always end their Friday P6 English lessons, dancing to ‘Celebrate Good Times.’ Hopefully we will dancing next term too when we find out the official outcome of our Material Independent Schools Inspection for DfE approval for Sixth Form, held today.

It has been a big occasion for Inter-House competitions this week in Basketball, Badminton and a fantastic Cross Country on Wednesday afternoon. Thank you to Mr Orchard, Ms Ross and all the staff and parents who helped to enable all these events to run smoothly.

On our final morning of this term next Wednesday, we are going to hold a mufti/non uniform morning for our school charity, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home - donations of £2 will be welcome. Students will have normal lessons all morning P1, 2 & 3. The P4 lesson will be form time, which will involve clearing out lockers and cloakrooms, etc and we will finish school promptly at 12 midday.

Since this will be the last newsletter of this term (where has it gone?), all that remains for me is to wish everyone a most enjoyable Easter break. We look forward to welcoming all pupils back on Tuesday 24th April.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


What Canbury means to me

Canbury means quite a lot to me, all the fun students, the size is just right, not big year groups and no, I haven’t forgotten about the teachers, they are just wonderful! Canbury was much better than my previous school! Ms. Clancy is very understanding. She is very caring, she gets in quite early! Canbury is the best school I have ever been to!

Matthew, Year 7.

Students of the week

Year 7

Ain for her diligence in revising for the Physics Test.

Kiran and Harry enjoyed a reward trip to a local cafe with Miss Ross and Miss Knivett and Miss Ross

Year 8

Felix for progress in his literacy project.

Armani for her amazing progress with homework and taking on much more responsibility for it.


Year 9

Drew for thinking outside of the box in Geography with helping to minimize the risk of more floods in Boscastle, Cornwall.

Joe for 100% on a GCSE level paper on the volume of a prism.

Cate and Emily for scores in the 80s for the same paper.

Year 10

James and Faysal for excellent work, effort and focus in Functional Skills English lessons.

Ijaaz and Sonia for their experiments with shadows in Photography.

Year 10 pupils working on their shadow photography .

Well done to Sonia, Luca and Koji on getting black belts in their Numeracy Ninjas.

Year 11

Ben for his efforts in Art in readiness for the exam after Easter.

News from the sixth form


We’ve had a busy and constructive half term in the sixth form.

Oscar and I have both got results in our maths and child development BTEC, both of which are massive achievements for us.

Work experience is getting more and more interesting each week. This week we were joined by another school in our science lab with a total of 20 students for an experiment where they were extracting components out of mixtures and solutions using evaporation and condensation .

English and travel and tourism are going fine.

Last week Margaux got the chance to Join KS3 and KS4 at The Lyceum Theatre to watch the Lion King musical. The performance was amazing, all their costumes are really fascinating in the way they are made and of course we got ice creams and drinks. The whole afternoon was really nice . Thank you to Mrs Rich, Ms Bowen, Ms Haines, Miss Hanson, Mrs Winstanley and Victor’s tutor for giving up their afternoons to accompany us .

Margaux and Oscar, your Canbury sixth formers.


Elisa Webb shares some writing tips with our students.

Year 7 students had a stupendous treat this week. Under the guidance of Mr Natt, Mrs Bowen and Miss Knivett, they were taken to Waterstones book shop in Kingston for a morning out they simply loved. A chance meeting in the shop between Mrs Bowen and author Elisa Webb (who works there) led to an activity morning in the store. The "English Explorers" book tour saw our budding scholars meeting and talking with Elisa, taking part in a book browsing activity, buying books and simply soaking up the book shop experience. In addition our beautifully behaved students were treated to a reading extract from the book by the author herself. It doesn't get much better than that!


Mrs Johnson is re-inventing the way Science is taught - a true scientist. She has rolled out Google Classroom for all Biology and Chemistry classes. Students can work both independently using resources provided by the teacher, or research and report on a specific topic using the Internet. The Year 8 photo shown below illustrates independent learning in action. Conversely, they can work collaboratively by sharing and pooling data from their investigations, as Year 7 discovered in their lesson on Tuesday.

Year 8 get to grips with Google classroom in the Science Laboratory.

As Year 11 students prepare for their GCSE examinations next term, they can access a growing list of revision resources that staff have prepared for them, and which are helpfully organised into topics consistent with their textbook. They are encouraged to comment on any section, throughout the Easter Holidays and beyond, to ask questions on any area which may still elude them. All questions and answers are shared with the whole class so students can benefit from one another's curiosity.

Google Classroom also allows Canbury to be more environmentally friendly as we can avoid printing out paper copies of teaching and learning materials. The main benefit is that we are equipping students for life beyond Canbury, whether in the next stage of their education or in the world of work.


Not to be outdone by Mrs Johnson's sterling work with Google Classroom, Mr Scaldwell went for a completely different approach this week with his year 10 Physics class, introducing them to a blast from the past - a giant "slinky". This deceptively simple toy was the perfect way to illustrate wave patterns.

The rarely seen giant slinky made a welcome appearance at Canbury this week.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

We're keeping everything crossed for our DofE Bronze and Silver award participants, as well as their leaders, Mrs Branney and Miss Peters, who are off trekking into the wilderness tomorrow (well, High Ashurst woodland on Box Hill, near Dorking) on a training day. Training is a statutory requirement in order to take part in the practice in April, before the real thing in June.

There will be a new DofE training schedule running on Thursdays after Easter as follows. Please make a note of the dates:

Thursday 26th April: silver and bronze 3.45-4.30 briefing for practice weekend.

Friday 27th - Sunday 29th April: Silver Practice Expedition.

Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th April: Bronze Practice Expedition.

Thursday 3rd May: silver and bronze 3.45-4.30 planning for final journey.

Thursday 10th May: silver and bronze 3.45-4.30 planning for final journey.

Thursday 17th May: silver and bronze 3.45-4.30 planning for final journey.

Thursday 24th May: silver and bronze 3.45-4.30 planning for final journey

Thursday 14th June: silver and bronze 3.45-4.30 planning for final journey.

Thursday 21st June: silver and bronze meet the assessor (to be confirmed).

Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th June: Silver Qualifying Expedition.

Saturday 23rd June - Sunday 24th June: Bronze Qualifying Expedition.


All in a day at Canbury....

In a exciting and positive development, Year 7 students have started 'The Zones of Regulation' sessions. Here you can see the students becoming familiar with the concept of the Zones. As you can see they were all in the Green Zone - feeling happy and focused while making the poster. They then switched into the roles of photographers and models - taking shots of facial expressions of different emotions. Watch this space for some great shots of emotions in the next edition.

Our mindfulness teacher Ms Chorazyczewska is leading these sessions.



They say a picture paints a thousand words - so here is a selection taken from the cracking inter-house cross country event held in Richmond Park on Wednesday afternoon.

Our sporty students gave it their very best on Wednesday afternoon. Well done to you all!

Photography and Art

The Photographers’ Gallery in London is running student workshops suitable for 12-15 yr olds and 14-24 yr olds at weekends and over the Easter break. Further details of these can be found by following the link here: https://thephotographersgallery.org.uk/whats-on/events/develop-events-listing

House News

Letter 2, 30 HP


Letter 3, 45 HP


Meet the member of staff.........

Mrs Rich

......in a section where we meet a familiar face who tells us a little bit more about themselves. This week,we shine the spotlight on Mrs Rich, our assistant head (pastoral) and Art teacher.

Best book EVER which you read in your teen years?

The first Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone) came out in 1997, I would have been in Year 8 at the time and I remember reading it all in nearly one sitting. I have been a Harry Potter fan ever since.

What made you decide to become an Art teacher?

I wanted to develop a love of the arts in young people. I feel that an understanding of the arts really helps to develop a fully rounded young person, encouraging them to appreciate the world we live in and develop thinking skills which I feel just cannot be developed through other subjects.

Ski or beach holiday?

Always a beach holiday! I cannot ski and am very uncoordinated so I think I would be a danger to myself on the slopes. I love a holiday which involves the beach, I especially love the beaches in Thailand and in the Far East.

Favourite piece of music to listen to?

This changes all the time and really does depend on what mood I am in. If I am relaxing or trying to relax then it would possibly be something classical such as Debussy but if I wanted something more upbeat I would possibly listen to some classic Michael Jackson.

What's your top de-stress tip?

I have just re-started going to Yoga and Pilates and I love the meditation elements in these. I also think that there is nothing a nice long bath with a Lush bath bomb can't fix.

Favourite treat of the school holidays?

I am not an early riser by nature so I do love the lie-ins during the school holidays. But my top favourite thing to do is to have a movie or Netflix marathon with lots of snacks.

What piece of advice would you give your 14-year-old self?

To worry less what other people think about you.

What did you love love love at school?

I loved my art lessons the most. I was an art prefect in my secondary school so we had the privilege of being allowed in the art rooms at break and lunch, so I could work on my art work whenever I liked.

Which three people would you most like to have dinner with

Ah now this is a tough one! I think it would have to be the Dalai Lama, Robin Williams and Tim Peake (pictured below, clockwise from top left to right). I think inviting these three people would encourage some very interesting conversations.

Mrs Rich's ideal dining companions - now they WOULD make for an interesting dinner party!

And what would you eat and drink?

My favourite cuisine is Indian so I think we would have a selection of dishes from this region accompanied by some gin and tonics!


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