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Meet Spotlight!

The only news aggregator built from the ground up on machine learning.

Sunnyvale, California: Spotlight Media Labs announces the launch of Spotlight, the only news aggregator app built on machine learning. Spotlight provides users with a custom, curated, verified news experience. No misinformation here! For publishers, Spotlight provides built-in revenue opportunities that are more attractive than anything they can get from existing distribution channels. With a clean, user-friendly, insanely simple design, you can get started reading right away. Currently available on iOS and Web, coming to Android in late 2018.

“We really enjoy working with Spotlight’s team!” says, Leen Obeidat, Business Manager, The Daily Collegian at Pennsylvania State University “The company has a visionary product that is of great value to any news organization. The employees are very professional and their work always exceeds our expectations.”

Why we’re different

Recommendations based on what you read, not what your friends read, or what comes up first in search results.

Proprietary Network Junctions © help readers discover new content and publishers increase traffic and revenue.

From local to global news, find it all on Spotlight.

About Spotlight: Spotlight is the first news aggregation app built on machine learning. We work to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to high quality journalism. We asked ourselves, is information truly open and accessible? The answer was no. All too often, quality information is hidden behind paywalls or expensive subscription fees. Spotlight is tearing down those walls and helping to build the next generation of informed and engaged communities. Please visit our website, download our media kit, or head to the app store to learn more. Thank you, Team Spotlight

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