Patrick Henry's Photo Journal By:JOEL pEREZ-ADAMES

A Halberd with accessories like gold which the gold is only used for people with high prestige like a sergeant

It was made of steel and was used during battle as a axe and a spear. It was introduced by the English.

A church

This church is used as a main thing in everyday life. You were required to go 2 times a day for religious purposes which were very important during those times and were relied on more than now.

Inside of shop
Blacksmith using hammer

The shop smelled like fire and metal and all you could hear was the slamming of a hammer into iron. Also most things that you could touch were cold since it was made out of metal. They were currently crafting a knife and the blacksmith had an assistant to help increase the fire and heat up the steel until it was glowing red. At that blacksmith shop there was a variety of weapons, armor and other things. I ( Patrick Henry) ordered my servant to go order a knife and armor for my soldiers.

Governors Palace (Outside)
Governor's Sleeping Chamber (Room)
(Favorite Room) Entry Room

Today, I stayed at home for the whole day. I stayed in the bedroom the majority of the day just resting in the bed and then checking outside. Sometimes I would go to the entry room to see how everything is going inside of the palace. I used this room to impress my guests with my wealth and it always impressed me when I came into the room.

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