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I've been tailoring words with sartorial precision to develop bespoke campaigns that influence elusive consumers. My solutions are inspired by authentic experiences that thread ideas, reject clichés and challenge stereotypes. A seamless navigation between two cultures is what allows me to tap into insights that resonate with consumers, or people — as I like to call them.

(I've been at Prime Access for 14 months or so)

Current projects

Cornerstones4Care website [NNI]

This has been a monster of a project, but luckily I work with the best team at the agency, and we were just approved by PRB. So PBR's for everyone!

Tresiba TV

I'm very happy with how this work was received, and how much higher it tested than the other concepts during focus groups [29>12].


HERO: Through his family, our Hispanic father has an epiphany when he decides it is time to take the reigns of his diabetes management.

INSIGHT: Though Latinos may rely on others to a point of dependency, inspiration is found in the courage of those that surround them.

Though it needs some UX love, my proudest project at P.A. has been the development of the agency site, because I was able to use brand archetypes and see it from conception to execution.


OUR Cultural Catalyst story Is a Story of INTERPRETING MEANING


Prime Access is driven to continuously learn, grow and expand. We stay on a path to find wisdom and truth wherever it may be. Our quest is for an unknown world that’s deeply felt, so we may arrive at inner meaning through exploration of the external environment.

Language is a gift. But sometimes that gift is wrapped in blister packaging, hard to open without tools.

Culture is also a gift. Which we enrich by looking at the world around us, not just ourselves. At Prime Access we leave no stone unturned when it comes to seeking truth and meaning. This is the only way to understand culture.

Another project that I'm proud of since being at Prime Access was the Pride Week activation for Quest.

Quest Diagnostics


"Shape the world into a healthier community for all"


The participatory role in the creation of the Lego figure will be through social media engagement. We will encourage physical attendees to tweet our message to help build and credit them as contributors. Our promoted Twitter account will do the same.


The tie-in to wellness relies on which important LGBTQ figure we choose to honor with our sculpture; i.e. an AIDS scientist, a health advocate, a researcher with a pivotal role.

Our celebration serves as an educational tool to honor those who deserve to be an inspiration, but haven’t had the chance.


Interactive Selfie booth: background screen will include a custom-designed block-inspired GIF designed by Florian de Looij.

Before P.A.

HBO-Catch The Throne

Concept development and execution of an audiophile's cheat sheet to get caught up on HBO's Game of Thrones. This campaign drove participation among viewers, earning over 1 million streams in 2 days. Social media engagement reached more than 45 million fans, including nods from the nation’s leading publications for music and pop culture.

Last summer I was fortunate enough to compete in the first NYC Brandathon (Branding Hackathon), and I am really proud of this work. My biggest takeaway is that we were able to create something from nothing in two days, and the client was stoked. Reached out to possibly further develop the product after VC funding.

Primary logo

Branding Hackaton

Delivering meaningful connections.


The Matchmaker: Sub-Archetype

The Matchmaker is a strategic intermediary who reduces risk and fear of rejection in building relationships. Using knowledge of relationship dynamics and intuition, the Matchmaker identifies with the benefits of human connection as a core reason of existing.

Able to spot patterns and make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, the Matchmaker acts as a facilitator of multiple kinds of exchanges—love, real estate, education, product, business mergers.


  • Talent for thinking in metaphors, Open-mindedness,
  • Cross-pollination, Strategic thinking, Confidentiality


  • Resorting to cognitive judgment rather than intuitive guidance.
  • Inability to park personal agenda or bias.

Why Arteria?

Latin for artery, Arteria is a blood vessel that conveys blood from the heart to every single part of the human body. It’s essential, and as literal as a lifeline can get.

Arteria injects the same critical oxygen that brands need in order for their products to become personal, meaningful, authentic experiences.


Human connections are made when universal truths are synthesized. A moment becomes meaningful when we see it in context—that’s why empathy is our currency.


Arteria aims to become the industry authority when it comes to personalized brand experiences. Our trusted reach through meaningful connections and contextual relevance will amplify growth and foster an organic brand affinity.

Adds over Ads

Arteria is physical product based marketing that provides the fullest experience of your brand to consumers, when they need it most.


TL;DR: My infinite curiosity OFTEN leads me to absorb AN interest to a granular level, TURNING IT INTO A PASSION.

sneakerhead, not hypebeast

My main weakness in sneakers lie in the SMU (special makeup) market, which caters to limited releases, multi-brand collaborations, premium materials. I'm a total fucboi for Kith NYC, Staple and Jon Buscemi's brands.

Longest I've stood in line for a sneaker release: 14 hours.

Ronnie Fieg x Diadora, "Primo"

obsessed WITH coffee

If there is a heritage and an old world process to something, chances are I'll immerse myself in it. I love coffee: the single origin beans, the local roasters, the brand of espresso machines a shop uses. I read "DRIFT" and follow @Coffee cupsoftheworld on Instagram.

If I BRANDED a coffee shop: 3 Xingazos
Fave drink: Quad Flat white from Toby's Estate Brooklyn

It's always important to be able to discern the difference between fashion and style, where the former victimizes the naive and attention hungry— and the latter champions a personal expression of the world. Denim speaks to me because when done right, it is the most earnest product and brand one could hope to emulate. From ethical manufacturing to materials sourced from 100-year old mills that produce denim in 100-year-old looms, denim teaches patience and appreciation for hard work, not just as a consumer, but as a wearer.


Current project: Costura.nyc

I want to create a platform that takes a CNET/Engadget approach to menswear. Something that takes it further than Hypebeast or Selectism: a bilingual product nerd site that spazzes out on specs like selvedge fabric weight, ethical manufacturing mills, and details on details on details...

Favorite jeans: Tellason Gustave, 14.75 oz Cone Mills Denim


  • Good size for pushing ideas through the noise
  • Good people who respect each other on a personal level
  • Broadcast Production

What I honestly believe...

Leading with cynicism doesn't make you a sage. When all you see is obstacles, you miss the chance to see opportunities through possibilities

What needs love

TL;DR: P.A. Wants to run like a lean startup, without running MVP’s or the perks of a startup.

Efficiency is valued over effectiveness. Creative is an output you can quantify versus qualify. The agency has an account-driven feel & creative is often an afterthought.


Creative Department needs

  • There needs to be better communication
  • We need ot foster a sense of project ownership
  • We need to develop a dept. identity & culture
  • Complacency is cancerous: We need more appetite
From the SUGGESTION BOX Archives:

April 13th, 2015



  1. No creative department status meetings. Huh?!
  2. High frequency of status meetings to discuss the same timelines. (2/3 per week)
  3. 95% of meetings start an average of 12-17 minutes late.
  4. No meeting recaps sent, which equal too many regroups
  5. Conference rooms are often full of people whose skill set is not required for said meeting.


  1. Space doesn’t feel like a creative department in any advertising agency.
  2. Nowhere to huddle and brainstorm comfortably.
  3. Lack of team building exercises: Workshops, field trips, group lunches, happy hours, internal projects.
  4. No open exchange of ideas, resources, inspiration, discoveries, hacks, insights, etc.
  5. Lack of participation in creative ideation; Silo thinking.


  1. Low accountability: AM team members are constantly rotated off projects.
  2. Low oversight: Senior AM lacks in-depth knowledge of project activity.
  3. Skimpy briefs: Creative briefs lack insight, brevity, realistic timelines and concrete deliverable mandatories.
  4. Some AM members aren't fully aware of a project's lifetime, i.e. concept development.
  5. Strategy team openly admits insights were “made up”, but require external validation for creative ideas to be submitted by creative dept.


  1. Team is overwhelmed by an underwhelming amount of projects.
  2. Low accountability: Ownership of projects is everyone’s and nobody’s.
  3. Lacks constructive discussions; opt for petty and trivial confrontations.
  4. Team lacks creative project cycle knowledge/ timeline comprehension.
  5. Modus Operandi: Constantly interrupt workflow.


  1. Lack of pride in our work.
  2. Lack of corporate culture.
  3. Lack of creative leadership.
  4. Agency lacks an identity.
  5. Poor talent retention.

(Ending with a "WHOA" quote is always a safe bet)

"Your only true possessions are your actions."

—SanDra Cisneros

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