You're a Bee. This Is What It Feels Like. Diana Tribuzio

New York Times, Dec 2, 2016, written by Joanna Klein

Summary: Clear your schedule because today you're a bee! Stretch those wings and get ready for your big day. What is life like from a bee's perspective? This article describes how bees are effective when pollenating and the steps they go through on their daily adventure! Bees have certain heighten sense that help them carry out vital tasks for the rest of us. Without the helping hand of bees all other organisms would be affected. Bees drive fruit production and plant reroduction.

So, what's all the buzz about?: Pollen drives plant reproduction and fruit growth. Bees carry pollen from plant to plant allowing plants to flourish and reproduce. But this isn't the only use that bees have for pollen. Bees use pollen to nourish themselves, and develope sex hormones for their young. Over time plants evolved and developed nectar. This was a reward system for the bees to keep coming back and pollenating the plants.

Learn more about why we need bees here:

Takeaway: Bees transport pollen from the male portion of a plant to the female portion of a plant, aiding in plant reproduction. 70% of produce we eat, bees had an impact in making it! If the trend of the decreasing bee population continues crops will be at serious risk. Fewer bees means fewer crops, which means less food for us, and less food for our food (livestock). Bees drive the agriculture industry, and the livestock industry. Without bees we would be living in a completely different world, our diets would be altered.


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