Rubber band car By Alejandro and OwEn

The first piece

Rubber band cars are a piece of card board, with 2 wheels (CDs) and a engine (rubberband). The car is powered by the force of the rubber band and how the rubber band is causing the axel to twist making the wheels turn.

The very first car we made was the default car that everyone starts off with. It was a piece if cardboard, that was cut to add a stick so we could make a axel. We then ducked taped 2 CDs on the side poorly because we were rookies at first. Then we took a small piece on duck tape and put a rubber and in to power it. This car started off with a distance of 10 ft

We then added a stick to the back of the piece of card board to lift it off the ground. This prevented the tail from dragging on the ground. With the new modification this car went 27 ft.

The last modification we added was cutting the rubber band in half and taping one side to the stick. This gave the rubber band more flexibility and was able to stretch more. With this last modification we got our car to go 49 ft.
The velocity of our car increased .3 meters per second in a matter of .3 seconds

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