Radio's Impacts on teh standerd of living and qualitys of life

Let's just take a moment to look at how big the crowd is just for Twenty One Pilots is. This is what happens when you have a song brought to the eye of the public, you get fame and fans. I love them and this picture so much.

How did radios improve and influence society? Radios where invented in the eairly 1930's so radios have been around for a very long time now. Radios are an easy way to get people's attention for something new, or the latest trends and so forth. Radios play a mix of ads and songs so that's the bad part but a lot can get done and acompleshed just by a small second add or a three-four minute song. Elvis, the beatles, Narvia, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco all of those people have become big because they have gotten some form of plablisity from radio stations (or a bunch of emo people talked about them I don't know. MCR is big with emo people so I guess there big as well but they did have a song on the radio Welcome To The Black Poraide) small town showes and where somehow brought up to the public eye resulting in life changing things. Giveing them fame and money, fan bases, people who care about them, money and popularity all around. Most of he people I have mentioned are still big with people today and are still growing daily. (Cough Twenty One Pilots Cough).

I'm not sorry for putting pictures of Twenty One Pilots at all. They are one of the bigggest bands of this generation as they have been on the top hits for like two year or whenever stressed out was first released to the public. Now it's heavydirtysoul that is on the radio


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