TBH Creative Case Study Redeveloping a website: Tracking Football

TBH Creative had the unique opportunity to support the redesign of trackingfootball.com, a website that functions as a service for subscribers. The site utilizes heavy data and algorithms to compare track & field, strength, and athleticism of high school, college, and NFL football players to help scouts and coaches recruit and/or draft players.

Let's take a look at the old site:

Old Features Page
I need the public-facing pages on the site to be more appealing for marketing purposes, and I need the functional pages on the site to be more user-friendly.

Let's see how TBH helped...

First, we added some real eye-catching style to the homepage with a video background.

Next, we took a look at the icons.

The icons helped inspire some more visuals on the site, so we took to the outward-facing pages with some new looks.

The search and functional pages needed some love, too. We modified the search filter functionality along with some new design elements to provide a much smoother user experience.

We modified the main search filter and search page to allow for a left/right view that allows the user to see results and search criteria side-by-side. The old version of the site had search criteria at the top with results at the bottom, which required users to scroll back and forth to see both. Through TBH's responsive design, the new user-friendly search has received praise from existing Tracking Football clients.

Player profile pages also needed a more modern look and feel.

Extra spacing, updated fonts, and use of blue, orange, and black colors help give this new layout a fresh look that is easy on the eyes. Position-specific banner photos are wired up to appear based on each profile, and PAI score circles animate to give the page some movement.

...And it is all mobile-friendly.

TBH's designs allow for seamless integration of future data on these profile pages, which means the folks at Tracking Football are unconstrained with future enhancements.

Want to see more?

Thanks for taking a look - learn more:

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