African Schools By: Luke Brosig

My big question is why the adults here in america are better educated better than the adults in Africa.

In poor sub-Africa, 128 million kids in school are learning about survival not ELA, math, science and social studies. This is a problem because then when it comes to the kids futures a job of some sort, they know nothing. This may be the problem of badly educated adults. While here in America we don't need to learn about survival and we can learn ELA, math, science and social studies.

Many children are taken out of school, by their parents, because of sicknesses. I can see where the parents are coming from with not sending their kids to school because they will probably no have to supplies to help their child get better. But also, if you are not sending your kid to school then the child is completely uneducated when he/she grows up. While here in America we have the supplies to heel our children fast and get them back into school fast.

Finished Fun Fact- 40% of African adults are unable to read, while in America only 14% of people can't read.


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