The Qualities/ Definition of a True Monster By: Anjelia Vertreese

" I rushed from the hidings place and with extreme labor from the force of the current saved her and dragged her to the shore" (Shelley 177)

Even with all the things going on in his head with his family denying him he still had the heart and courage to save the little girl from the shore.

" I am malicious because i am miserable am I not shunned and hated by all man kind you my creater would tell me to places and triumph" (Shelley 182)

Victor rejects the monster and treats him as if he is not human,If he would have accepted him he would have not acted the way he did. The creature still shows compassion towards others despite all the rejection he gets from society.

"I was the Slave not the monster" (Shelley 278)

Victor is the true monster he is a scientist who made a creature and the rejected him.Victor monster was rejected by society,someone who is born or created can not be evil, The creature is misunderstood by victor. Victor left the creature own his own in the world. He made the monster feel like he was the problem when he wasn't.

" I destroyed his hope,i did not satisfy my own desires they where forever ardent and craving; still i desired love and friendship,and i was still sprunned was there no injustice here am I To be Thought the only criminal" (Shelley 280)

The Monster destroyed many things of Victors just because he didn't accept him. Inside the Monster still wants friendships and to be loved, Everyone thinks that hes the only bad person when victor is the reason he is this way.

"I Refused and I did the right in refusing,to create a companion for the first monster,He showed unparalleled integrity and selfishness and evil ; He destroyed my friends, devoted to destruction begins who possessed exquisite sensations, happiness and wisdom.... The task of his destruction was mine but i have failed " (Shelley 275)

Victor knew what he was doing the whole time and he did not want to accept the monster but couldn't understand why he destroyed everything that he loved. Victor was so focused on destroying the monster and he did not care about his feeling or anything and when he didn't complete his task he tried to have Walton continue so even whens hes dead the monster is still gone

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