Florida Delena

Floridas climate

Florida's climate is hot and rainy because of the location by the Gulf of Mexico.

Drought impacts Florida

A drought would impact Florida by will be dry trees and plants will die and animals won't get water.

Florida's thunderstorm's

Floridas thunderstorms impact Florida by heavy rains,flash flooding,strong winds,hail and lighting.

A hurricane over Florida

Hurricanes impact Florida by high winds,flooding,tornadoes and heavy rains.

This is a peninsula

A peninsula is a piece of land almost surrounded by a body of water.

A peninsula after the ice age

The peninsula changed after the ice age because when the ice age ended sea level rose,Florida shrank in size,the climate became much wetter.

Elevation and sea level

Florida's elevation is 100 feet above sea level.

Barrier islands

A barrier island is a long narrow island is a long narrow island lying parallel and close to the mainland protecting the mainland.

This barrier island protects Florida

Barrier islands are important to Florida because they protect Florida from storms,hurricanes and tropical storms.

Florida's wetlands

Floridas wetlands are important because endangered and threatened species are dependent upon wetlands for their survival also the wetlands hold a lot of water.

A picture of a Florida lake

Many lakes in central Florida are formed because of an acid rain that percolates under a lying soil layer and raised gradually and slowly.

Fishermen on a boat

The Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico are natural resources because fishermen gather fish, lobster and clams.


Lumber is one of floridas natural resource because of the local economy.


Phosphate is one of floridas natral resource because phosphate from the state is ground up and used for fertilizer.


Limestone is a important resource to Florida because limestone is used for building material,toothpaste,paint,decorative rock gardens.

This is oil

Oil is a important resource to Florida because it's a leading mineral product and it is used to make plastic.

This is a renewable resource

The difference between renewable and non renewable resources are that renewable resources can be used again and non renewable resources cannot be replenished.


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