Vietnam War 1959-1975 By: Konnor Bye

Communism and anti-communism war, between North and South Vietnam.
Ho Chi Minh wanted to reunite Vietnam as one communist country, and declared war on South Vietnam , who's partner was the Unites States.
Ho Chi Minh was the leader of the North and the Vietnam communist party. The North tried to spread communism throughout the south during the war. Minh left Vietnam at age 21 to go and see the rest of the world. He was inspired by the ideas of the Soviet Union communist party. The first major the North launched was known as the Tet Offense, and ended up as a major loss for the North. Yet the North came back and finished their goal using Vietcong.
During the war South Vietnam was fighting along with the United States who's president was Lyndon B. Johnson. Many people in the United states were against their country fighting in the war. Some even led marches onto the capital to protest, and young men would burn their draft cards to protest.
"The National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (NLF) was formed. The NLF, or the 'Vietcong', as the Americans were to call them, was made up of over a dozen different political and religious groups "( They would go through the South and kill anyone who resisted to agree with their thoughts. Eventually the North took over Saigon, the Souths capital, and took over the whole country. They were so successful because of how they would fight. They hid in the trees and launch sneak attacks against the South.
In 1969 peace talks began to end the war. The North, South, and U.S. all signed a cease fire that would began the next day. The U.S. officially would remove their troops from the war and would no longer aid the south. The war formally ended in 1975, as a communist country, which it still is today.
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Konnor Bye


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