The Salt Pond Installing a Tideflex Inline Check Valve

The Problem

A stormwater pond that discharges into a tidal canal would backflow with salt water during high tide. SCD installed a Tideflex inline check valve for The Salt Pond community in Bethany Beach, Del.

The Solution

The Tideflex inline check valve allows freshwater to leave the pond and prevents salt water from entering.

The new check valve stops tidal backflow which will maintain the ecology of the stormwater pond, reduce flooding and prevent brackish water from reaching nearby metal pipes which can lead to corrosion.

Matt Messina, project manager, checks the install.
Working as intended allowing freshwater to exit the pond.
Excessive sediment and debris was removed from the outfall channel
A geotextile underlayment and riprap were added around the outfall structure to prevent erosion.

Completed February 2021