Keurig Brand Promise: quality, simplicity, and speed in a fantastic cup of coffee.

The Keurig brand is driven by time and simplicity!

POD = Keurig can deliver the same cup of coffee as a french press in seven minutes less time.

Keurig’s POP is a single serving of the consumer’s favorite coffee blend

its all in the beans and The single serving (POP).

The other guys technique.

Keurig delivers.

Keurig's audience is always in a rush but loves coffee.

Keurig's business is single serving of coffee delivered in a K-Cup.

Keurig's user needs are a single serving of coffee that is easy to make, takes very little time, and has dependable, consistent quality on par with what would be found in a traditional coffee press.

Keurig's messaging strategy is: Simplicity, quality, possibility, and personalization.
Turning "crazy ideas" into reality
Accelerating the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass produced electric vehicles to market is the Tesla Brand Promise.

The Tesla brand driver

TESLA Roadster

Making electric cars competitive in luxury and accessibility.

Points of Difference

Assist in addressing environmental issues while changing the way the world sees and uses automobiles. Electric versus Fossil Fuels.


Mercedes Benz

Tesla fits into the eco-conscious, electric car category, has standard features for luxury vehicles, and the price point is the same.

Tesla Roadster

The Tesla audience are consumers who are bored with overhyped luxury cars...

and looking to make a statement with the decision to purchase an eco-conscious vehicle.

Tesla's business is to innovate automobiles, and create driver relevance.

To be surprised and delighted by new technological advances in automobiles which lead to a sustainable environment and do so in a way that is familiar are the end user's needs.

Tesla messaging strategy: Let others do the talking by creating a phenomenal product that seems familiar enough while oozing innovation and not be overly aggressive in selling it.

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