4-7-8 Breathing Technique by: bailey Black

Day 1

Studying for Sociology

Before technique: I felt really stressed at the time because I had a lot of work to complete in a small amount of time

This is me completing the breathing technique

After Technique: I still felt stressed because of the amount of work that I had to complete

Day 2

Before Technique: I was able to complete a lot of work the day before so I did not have to much to worry about. I would say that I was calm at the time

This is me completing my second day of the breathing technique

After Technique: I had the same feeling that I had before I did the technique because I did not have much to worry about on that day

Day 3

Before Technique: I knew I had something due in a couple days so I felt a little stressed but not too stressed.

This is me doing the breathing technique on Day 3

After Technique: I was able to complete the assignment with no stress at all since it was due a couple days later

Day 4

Before Technique: I was stressed alot because I had a test the next day and it was on challenging material

This is me completing the technique while studying for the test

After Technique: I did not feel stressed at all after I did the breathing technique. I felt confident that I knew the material

Day 5

Before Technique: I was worried that I was not going to do well on the test after I woke up and went to my first class.

This is me doing the technique before I went to take the test to try and feel more relaxed

After Technique: I felt very relaxed and knew I was very capable of getting a good grade on the test

Conclusion: I believe this technique helped me a lot because I usually came out of the technique very relaxed


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