Colors & what they mean

Lets start out with my favorite color, blue!

Here are five words to describe this hypnotic color that I'm sure you all could agree with.. Blue is constant , quiet, dependable, cool, and serene.

Now lets look at our second color. This color could have way more descriptions than the main five... But i'll leave that to your imagination!

Red is all stimulating, Exciting, Provocative, Sexy and Dynamic! Make sure to wear that classy yet daring red lipstick on that first date.

They say black goes with everything... Well they're right! It's dark yet hauntingly beautiful.

Black is all powerful, mysterious, strong, classic and elegant.

Lets change the mood a bit and look at the color white!

White is Lightweight, pristine, pure, bright, and innocent.

Now lets look at one of the royal colors called purple!

Purple is Regal, spiritual, sensual, elegant, and mysterious. Purple does mix really beautifully with black too.

Now lets look at one of the most controversial colors. Yellow could either be hated, or loved!

Yellow can be luminous, enlightening, warming, sunny, and cheerful. I personally like yellow on nature better than materialistic objects.

Pink can also either be loved or hated... But during valentine's day, its everywhere!

Pink is romantic, youthful, happy, sweet, and spirited.

Brown isn't favored among many colors... But it has its enchantments believe it or not.

Brown can be rustic, sheltering, rich, durable, and earthy.

When we think of Green, we automatically think of earth and nature. Thats because it is one of the most natural colors.

Green is soothing, it defines nature, refreshing, healing, and fresh.

Orange is not the new black... Because orange will always be its own unique color.

Orange is energizing, inviting, friendly, vital and tangy.

Neutrals are sorta in between. Grey for instance goes well with black or white.

This color can be timeless, natural, classic, quality, and quiet.

These are just the beginning of what colors can do with your imagination. These words are only a few of what each color could represent! <3


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