Vitamins and minerals Hannah riem

water soluble: dissolves in water
vitamin B (folic acid): It helps the body make new cells. you can find this in dark green vegetables and in fruit. if you don't have enough of this vitamin you can get spina bifida, a neural tube that is defect and that affects the spinal cord during fetal developement.
vitamin C (ascorbic acid): This protects the body against infection. the food sources are citrus fruit and tomatoes. If you don't take enough you could get scurvy, that is a breakdown of collagen, bleeding gums and skin hemorrhages.
Fat soluble
Vitamin K: It helps blood clot normally. You can find this vitamin in dark green leafy vegetables. When you have a deficiency it is possible to get a lot of bruises and bleedings.
vitamin A: It promotes good vision, hair and skin. you can find it in red, orange, and dark green vegetables. With not enough you can get night blind.
vitamin D: This builds up and maintains bones and teeth. You can find it in milk and dairy products, and in the sun. With a deficiency it can cause rickets, bowed legs.
vitamin E: It protects the membranes of white and red blood cells. You can find this in vegetable oil, fruit and vegetables. With not enough of this vitamin you can have a poor nerve system and neurological problems.
calcium: This strengthens bones and teeth. You can find this in milk and dairy products, whole grains, and dark green leafy vegetables. with a deficiency you can get osteoporosis, bones become weak and brittle due to mineral loss.
Iron: helps make red blood cells and out muscular store and use oxygen. you can find this in animal products and green leafy vegetables. With a deficiency you can get anemia, low red blood cell formation.
sodium and potassium: it maintains fluid balance in the body. You can find this in salt, fruits, and vegetables. With deficiency you get muscle cramps, irregular heart beat, and seizures.


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