The Bataan Death March BY Quinn Galvin

The Bataan Death march happened after the battle of Bataan. During the battle of Bataan, The Allied forces in the Philippines were forced to retreat to the Bataan peninsula. The battle started on January 9th and ended with the surrender of General Edwin King jr. to Col. Mootoo Nakayama.

In the battle of Bataan the Americans and the Filipinos tried to hold Bataan for as long as possible. In the end the Japanese took the peninsula from the Allied forces causing several army Platoons to surrender. These where squadrons where 60 miles away from the nearest work camp so they were taken on a death march.

The route taken on the death march.

The march started at Mariveles Corregidor and ended 60-69 miles away at Camp O'Donnell or San Fernando. During the march POW's were treated poorly and were subject to physical abuse. The Japanese torched their prisoners in "creative" ways. One of those ways is they would sit POW's in front of fresh water out in the sunlight and leave them there for hours.

This march consisted of a nine mile train ride too. The train ride was worse then the walking in some ways. Prisoners were crammed into World War 1 era box cars. At least 100 would go in each box car. Conditions in these box cars were rough because of a lot of reasons. For one you can't sit down, you can't use the bathroom and you have no food. On the slight chance your train conductor want to pull the emergency brake and make all the prisoners fly foward and hit each other. The train rides were bad to say the least.

World war 1 box car

The last nine miles of walking were worse than the first 55 because you had new Japanese soldiers ready to unleash terror on there new prisoners. The Japanese soldiers were ruthless on the march. They implemented torture techniques and other things that can not be named. Right after the Allied surrender the Japanese killed anyone foreign solider with Japanese money or artifacts because they thought they took them off dead Japanese soldiers. All these things made the Bataan Death March one of the most horrible events in history.

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