Pratt county

5 landmarks

  • Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake
  • Army airfield - a base operating power in Pratt
  • Topeka & Santa Fe railway company depot- train station with a one story building
  • Chicago Rock Islands & Pacific railroad depot- railway built in 1954
  • Hostelers ranch- a very famous ranch with much history located in Sawyer
Hostellers Ranch

3 vips

  • John Stillin
  • Thomas Goodwin
  • L.H Naron
  • L.C Thompson

Current clerk and Sheriff

  • Clerk- Robert J Schumisser
  • Sheriff- Jimmy White

4 city's or towns

  • Pratt- population of: 6,963
  • Luka- population: 159
  • Sawyer- population: 127
  • Byers-population: 36

Common jobs

  • Sprayer applicator- gets rid of weeds
  • Paramedic
  • Road foreman- keeps the county roads clean

Pratt name

  • Pratt was named after- Caleb S Pratt, he was the second lieutenant for the union in the civil war

3 event

  • In 1884 stettlers in Pratt discovered the land they settled on was hunting grounds for Kiwoia Indians. In 1885 a horseman road through Pratt screaming Indians, Indians are coming. Kiowa Indians attacked the settlers of Pratt and killed most of the men.
  • Januray 6, 1886, proved to be one of the worst blizzard in 100 years in Kansas. Eighty percent of the cattle died from frost bite. Along with a large number of residents.
  • One of the most memorable events was when "Skunk "Johnson had built a home inside a cave near the Nicceschan River and the Indians forced him inside his home with out food or water. He survived on skunk oil.

Interesting facts about Pratt

  • Pratt is known for having the most railroads in Kansas. They were an essintal help to the union army. They helped them escape when they need to get from county to county.

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