Dry fruit Tray Zeenat Khan

This is how my tray looked like after drying in the open for about 4-5 days. It's in its greenware stage, so I can either break it or fire it. Of course, I'm going to fire it soon! There's s little crack, but Mrs. Kiick said once it's glazed it wouldn't be much of a problem. I'm really happy with my piece and it still has a long journey ahead of it. The End.
After slipping and scoring in the new pieces, I thoroughly sponged my tray. I was really content on how it turned out to look like. The slots were perfect and the tray didn't look all wobbly anymore.
By this time, all of my pieces were leather hard, but I wanted to make more rectangular slabs to put in the middle so it will looks like slots. I tried the new pieces enough so that they were as hard as the other and then I slip and scored them in all corners.
I slipped and scored the rectangular slabs together and then slip and scored them on the circular slab. After I sponged and fixed it up a little, it looked like this. It looks a little wobbly, but I guess that's how all of my projects turn out to be. :/
Next, I needed to cut the sides for the tray. This was the most difficult part because if dried this rectangular slab, then it would be too dry and it would crack. If I didn't dry it and decided to slip and score right away, it would be all floppy and just wouldn't be right. Finally, with the help of Mrs. Kiick, I let the slabs dry for about a couple of hours without it being covered. After that I Mrs. Kiick covered it for me and the next day it was ready to be slipped.
This is how it looked like after I cut it out. The clay was moist and since the slab was too big, I needed to let it dry for about two days.
After I rolled a slab I needed a large circular object to cut out a big circle, but I couldn't find an object that big enough. Mrs. Kiick helped by finding me a big bowl, as seen above, and I could finally cut out a large circular slab.
On February 11th, I started off my tray by rolling a slab.

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