Not only Foods... Something about food & drink ...

Fruit has many nutrients, fiber and vitamins, it will make you healthier both physically and mentally, reduce the risk of disease.

Fresh Raspberry...
Additional fruits in daily diet will bring great health benefits.There are many reasons to eat fruit every day, but remember that the consumption of fresh fruit is better than fruits preserved or canned.Fruits are rich in fiber and low calorie it so it is especially beneficial for those who want to lose weight but still full of energy
Fresh fruit can be processed into jams...
"Oh my god _ Ô Mai"
Or processed into cakes
A lot of kind...

With me:"Food is an Art, the Chef is an Artist"...

French Macaroon
Relax with tea
Now Enjoy all kinds of drinks to add delicious food
Do you agree with me ?

Thank you for seeing my project.

If having another ideas,please comment !!!

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