Welcome to the LUTI2020 Trade Show Brought to you by Ligament Design Group

Every year, LINK proudly supports and participates in several industry tradeshows including the Annual WEAO Technical Symposium and OPCEA Exhibition. Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, many of these events have been cancelled. However, our industry provides very important and essential services that must continue to push forward.

Annual tradeshows are important vessels for suppliers (like LINK) to introduce new technologies and meet / exchange information with many different stakeholders in the water and wastewater industry. Our company and partners are proud to provide this tradeshow experience in a physically distant yet socially connected manner.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our 2020 Tradeshow Stand.

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Matthew Nicolak, President

Link Utility Technologies Inc. is a Canadian owned distributor and service provider of smart solutions for infrastructure applications within the utility sector. Our commitment is to supply solutions that provide a Return On Investment for our customers. ROI factors are prioritized differently from client to client, however, many of our solutions provide cost savings, health & safety improvement, and environmental/public protection.

Our products are successfully employed in wastewater collection systems, sewage pump stations, wastewater treatment plants and storm water applications.


We’re proud to be the exclusive distributor for SmartCover Systems in Eastern Canada! We’ve been doing great things with their Smart IIoT online monitoring platform for wastewater collections (sanitary, storm & combined)!

In addition to measuring level for surcharge detection/prevention, cleaning optimization, and I&I studies, SmartCover recently launched a sensor for H2S monitoring up to 1,000ppm in the collection system!

For more information on this SMART SOLUTION, please visit wwwlinkut.ca/smartcover


It’s fun bringing innovative solutions to the market place! Syneco Systems has a fantastic product that is used in odour mitigation and corrosion control. The Peacemaker Scrubber line effectively treats hydrogen sulfide in manholes, pump stations, and decentralized plant applications

Peacemaker is innovative: the media DOES NOT ABSORB H2S, rather it converts to a small amount of stable polymer. The media is not affected by moisture, is not a hazardous waste concern when it needs to be replaced, and lasts significantly longer than carbon for both AVERAGE and PEAK loading situations.

For more information on this SMART SOLUTION, please visit www.linkut.ca/peacemaker


Fats Oils and Grease. H2S. Scum. All problems that can be found at a sewage pump station. NO LONGER! This product from Reliant Water is the Wet Well Wizard and it is magnificent!

So simple: Connect power to a blower. Connect the air ejector to the blower. Drop the air ejector in the process. Turn the power on and WATCH.IT.GO! Turn your septic wet well into an aerobic mini treatment plant! www.linkut.ca/wizard

And for the treatment folks, Reliant has another great product for lagoon aeration called the Lagoon Master. By moving water to continuously roll along the bottom of a lagoon, the Lagoon Master acts as a SLUDGE ACTIVATOR. Check it out here: www.linkut.ca/lagoons


We have all seen the efforts that our municipalities have made to stop people from throwing anything but the 3-P’s down the toilet. However, we still see issues at our pump stations and plants. Our Smart Solution? The DeRagger!

Through intelligent machine learning, the DeRagger will detect clogs and reverse pumps AUTOMATICALLY, eliminating the need for operators to perform unplanned maintenance due to rags and “flushable” wipes!

DeRagger also reduces pump wear and improves electrical efficiency.

See more on this SMART SOLUTION at www.linkut.ca/deragger


At LINK, we spend a lot of time out in the field and SAFETY is at the forefront of our activities. Providing a safe environment for the public, our customers, and our staff is extremely important.

One of the innovative solutions that we use for retrieving debris from chambers WITHOUT CONFINED SPACE ENTRY is the Grabbit. It has saved several of our customers time and money, without the added safety concern of putting somebody in a confined space. Linkut.ca/grabbit for more information

Another safety device that generates a lot of interest is the HoleHat. A great device for protecting both workers and general public from the safety hazards of open utility vaults. Linkut.ca/holehat for more information


Plastics and undesirable waste in our waterways. A well publicized issue with real impacts on our today and our future. LINK has a product offering that reduces the release of this pollution into our streams, rivers and lakes. Storm Water Systems are manufacturers that are helping us Do The Right Thing; trash traps on the end of effluent pipes and floatable litter traps in more open bodies of water. We are making a difference and we are proud of it!

For more information, visit www.linkut.ca/stormwatersystems

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