Tom Tugendhat被黑客列为目标 【中英对照翻译】




英国议员Tom Tugendhat被黑客列为目标并冒充他的身份发邮件,这仅仅是因为他批评中共应对疫情不利且指责其‘暴政’的言论。这明明是事实,缺触动了中共敏感的神经,連中共駐英大使都已经似疯狗般的到处乱咬。正如Tom Tugendhat所言,所有的共产主义独裁者都是相同的模式,他们只在乎政权存亡,而無視一般百姓之生死。身為五眼聯盟之一的英國也在覺醒中。

Vocal anti-China MP Tom Tugendhat says a 'pretty sophisticated hacker' is trying to impersonate him

直言不讳的反共议员Tom Tugendhat说:一个老练的黑客正试图冒充他

  • Chair of Foreign Affairs Select Committee says he's being targeted by a hacker
  • 外交事物特别委员会主席说他被黑客盯上了。
  • Tom Tugendhat warned followers to be cautious of emails that claim to be him
  • Tom Tugendhat 警告关注者要小心那些声称是由他發出的邮件。
  • The Kent MP faced backlash from China last week after accusing it of 'tyranny'
  • Kent區议员在上周指责中共国‘暴政’后,面临来自中共国的强烈指责。


PUBLISHED: 21:00 BST, 30 April 2020 | UPDATED: 21:00 BST, 30 April 2020

作者:LUKE MAY 每日邮报

发表于 2020年4月30日21:00 (英国夏令时)

A senior MP who has criticised the Chinese government's handling of the coronavirus has warned a 'pretty sophisticated hacker,' is trying to target him.


Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, sparked a furious response from the Chinese government last week when he accused it of 'tyranny' and 'falsifying' its coronavirus death toll statistics.

深為外交事物特别委员会主席的Tom Tugendhat,在他攻击中共国“暴政”且“篡改”冠状病毒死亡病例总数后,上周引发了中共政府的激烈反应。

In a tweet sent earlier today, the Tonbridge and Malling MP told followers: 'If you receive an email claiming to be from me - please check and do NOT open attachments unless you’re sure. A pretty sophisticated hacker is seeking to impersonate me and hack others. Any ideas who it could be?'

在今天早些时候发的推文中,Tonbridge和Malling议员告诉关注者:“如果你们收到声称是我发的邮件 – 除非你確定,请检查且不要打开附件,一个资深黑客證试图冒充我并黑掉其他人。這會是谁幹的呢?”

Tom Tugendhat, chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, warned Twitter followers a 'pretty sophisticated hacker' was seeking to impersonate him

Tom Tugendhat,外交事务特别委员会主席,警告他的推特关注者‘一位黑客老手’正试图冒充他

A number of Tory MPs, including Mr Tugendhat, have demanded an international investigation into the origins of the coronavirus outbreak in China.


Speaking to BBC Radio 4's World at One programme earlier this this week, the British Army veteran said: 'All countries have struggled with data, all countries have struggled with knowing how to respond because this is a new outbreak.

这名英国退伍军人本周早些时候对BBC4台的World at One programme节目说:“所有的国家都在数据上努力,都在為如何应对这个新疫情奮戰”

'But the one thing that really marks out the Chinese communist party is not that they didn't have sufficient data but that they deliberately falsified the data.


'This is very different from other countries.'


Mr Tugendhat said his criticism is 'nothing to do with China as a country, it is all to do with tyranny'.


'All communist dictatorships share a similar pattern as we saw in the Soviet Union where they put the survival of the regime over the interests of the people,' he said.


The comment sparked a furious response from Chen Wen, minister and first staff member of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, who hit back and said such accusations are 'dangerous' and driven by 'deep-seated bias' against China.


Mr Tugendhat has previously criticised Chinese company Huawei's potential involvement in building Britain's 5G network, commenting: 'We should be beware of strangers and the gifts they bear.'