Jelleel Anguis

Ocean Zone and Habitat

This specific organism is apart of the neritic zone and lives in the Euphotic zone. This animal is also apart of the Epipelagic zone because it is near the sunlight. It is also part of the Pelagic zone because it lives in the ocean. The reason this organism lives in this zone is because in order for the organism to live it must stay near sunlight. Normally this animal is in open areas of the ocean. This is because this animal does not like crowded areas and does not have to fight for food. This animal can also live in most temperatures of the ocean as long as there is sunlight present.

The jelleel

Physical Traits & Adaptations to Environment

This animal is not like most in the ocean. This organism does not resemble a specific animal but resembles a mixture of two well known organisms. This creatures body is evolved of an Eel as you can tell by its snake like feature. It maneuvers though the ocean like an Eel and resembles the Jellyfish tentacles. This gives the organism a great advantage in defense mechanisms.

Making of the Eel like body.


This specific organism moves much like an Eel. The fish moves side to side using its body to move around the ocean. This helps because if a predator is trying to get this creature it can use its body to swim away from the creature. This will allow the Jelleel to swim away just in time. The Jelleel also has his tenticals to sting predators while swimming away.

Putting on the tentacles.


Like any other organism breathing is key to living. Many fish breathe in many different ways. Some fish can breathe the whole time underwater. Other fish need to go to the surface in order to breathe. This particular organism uses its gills in order to breathe. Like any other fish it can not be out of the water for too long.

Structure of the organism.


Although this animal is both Eel and Jellyfish it feeds on mostly Jellyfish food. This helps create a healthy, easy to eat diet. This animal uses its mouth, much like an Eel, to devour the prey. The foods that the Jelleel feeds on is algae, zooplankton, and crustaceans.



The Jelleel reproduces much like an eel would but it is a little more complicated. The animal mates with either Eels or Jellyfish. Once the female is pregnant it releases eggs in the ocean. Once all the little Jelleels are born they are able to begin their life cycle.

Facial features

Defense Strategies

This specific Creature takes the Jellyfish like tentacles as a defense strategy. The Jelleel can spot danger coming and know exactly how to deal with the situation. The creature uses its tentacles to hurt the predator. This gives just enough time to make a break through. Because of the Jelleel's narrow, slim body it can escape in a blink of an eye.

Inside the organism

Plankton,Nekton,or Benthos

This specific creature in fact is Nekton . Now many may argue otherwise because it is part Jellyfish but in fact it is Nekton. Reason being is because this organism is able to swim on its own. It can swim where there is enough sunlight in the ocean, The creature can swim without help from the current making it Nekton.

Actual creature.

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