The Tragedy of Hamlet Book Study by: Zach Noller


In Hamlet, Hamlet uses his freedom of choice to do things, but his fate is almost his destiny. In Hamlet, the characters made many many decisions that were either very productive, or deadly. Toward the end of the story, Laertes and Hamlet decided to duel, and the outcome not only killed them both, but the Queen and the King too. If Laertes and Hamlet didn't decide to duel, then both Hamlet and Laertes would have survived, and maybe even the onlookers such as the Queen and the King that had been poisoned due to the event. In the place that they were all at, they were being followed by the Ghost of Hamlet's father, which had many people acting different, which would have also effected the story's outcome. Some moral and ethical choices the characters made were things such as,


There is not much detail about where the setting of Hamlet is, except for the fact that they are in Elsinore Denmark, and they are in a castle, and it's probably around the 1300's. What was unique about the setting was that it kind of had you imagine things you wouldn't before. Something about it being in a castle, made me want to imagine them all in armor, or something fancy. If you don't know about the 1300's, or time periods like that, the English is very hard to understand, and that is easily portrayed in the book. There were many different points of view in the book, which led to many different themes with different characters. I believe that the main theme was that death is unpredictable. In the story, The King, The Queen, and many other characters die (not putting them all because of spoilers) and some of them are not explainable, and don't have a purpose.

Author's Craft

The background of Hamlet was very straight forward from the beginning of the story, when you first learn that Hamlet's father has died. Hamlet has to figure out what happened to his father, and that is the main focus throughout the entire story. I think that Shakespeare wrote this because it shows certain waves of emotions in characters when something bad happens, and I feel like Shakespeare wanted to express some of his own emotions into Hamlet. I feel like Shakespeare thought that the world was either a sad, or somewhat boring place, and he wanted to give it emotion by putting it in his books/plays. Hamlet in this book, was somewhat a reincarnation of Shakespeare because Hamlet seemed like he didn't know emotion util something bad happened, and then his world became what Shakespeare's would have felt like.


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