The Gospel of Christmas in Stories H. Dean Watson, Storyteller of the word, www.ancientfootsteps.com


Stories will change you,...Christmas stories will change you FOREVER!

Every powerful character that we encounter in story is a challenge to our own character and holds the possibility of changing us”, Daniel Taylor, Ph.D.

One of the richest joys of Christmas is sharing the gospel and it’s meaning with our friends and family. Churches can experience this magic and meaning as presented in a unique and effective story form by master storyteller, H.Dean Watson, in the way Jesus took kids on his knee and shared the gospel with them and adults by telling stories. Gather your families around and let's enjoy the experience together.

  • -The Shepherds Went With "Haste", a retelling of the journey to the manger
  • -Tale of Three Trees, a beautiful Christmas telling of the Gospel story
  • -An Orange for Frankie, an Appalachian treasure you'll not forget
  • -The Polar Express, a joyous story about the spirit of giving
  • ....and more!

Reference:... “Pulsing with intense feeling! Immersed in the nuances of the story! You feel it! You see it! You hear it! You find yourself leaning forward! Dean Watson draws you into the biblical story with his multi-leveled drama by captivating your mind and your heart. And to top it all off, to engage him in conversation off stage is every bit as exhilarating! He is a unique blend of story teller, theologian, and pilgrim along the journey!”...John Adams, Ph.D, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Easley, SC 864-979-8706

Bring this warm family experience to your church this Christmas dean@ancientfootsteps.com, 864-979-7788, www.ancientfootsteps.com

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H. Dean Watson

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