James McDermott By- Gabriel Block

"James McDermott, currently is the Character Design leader on a newPrimetime FOX series being produced at Bento Box called “AllenGregory”."

Jame's style for animating is not realistic. Things that happen in the show can never happen in this generation. The monsters in the tv show do not exist in real life.

James McDermott is a animator for Rick and Morty, Future-Worm!, Allen Gregory, Beavis and Butt-Head, King of the Hill, ext.

For every character James makes he makes a 360 and multiple versions of the new figure.
In the show Rick and Morty every single character has a different personality.

The artist "James" does not have a specific color scheme for land scapes because he just uses colors that go together. Most of the characters have a color scheme such as blue, white, brown, and peach "for Rick" , and yellow, blue, brown, and peach "for Morty."

Rick and Morty is probably one of my favorite shows on FOX. My feeling on Rick and Morty is, I Love The Show. Each of Jame's shows give you a different feeling when you watch them, but most of them have a funny tone to them. Even the comedy show Rick and Morty has some sad times in it.

Rick and Morty is a very funny show. Most of the shows James makes are not like the other shows on FOX such as The Simpsons, American Man, or Family Guy. All the shows James animates have action and adventure exept "king of the hill." James adds new and different things to his show every episode so you can never get bored of the content.

5 of his characters

Just incase- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7ecYoSvGO60

This artist inspires me because I want to make a living out of animating on YouTube one day.

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