My Life in Potatoes a masterpiece

First I was born emerging just like this sprout emerged from this potato.

Then I became a kid, fresh and newly cut just like this potato.

With the help of others I grew and flourished just like this potato.

I got cats... not like this cat... this is a potato, not a cat...hopefully you know the difference.

Sometimes life is like a sweet potato.

Sometimes it's like a salty potato.

But whatever the kind of potato, it's delicious.


Created with images by skeeze - "potatoes varieties spuds" • Steve A Johnson - "potato" • jimmiehomeschoolmom - "potato printing" • Rachel Zack - "Sweet Potato" • jimmiehomeschoolmom - "cat potato stamp" • JeepersMedia - "Sweet Potatoes" • jronaldlee - "waffle fry" • samfabersf - "potato heart love" • xiquetpansa - "Darth Potato" I have to give a huge thanks to my life, the subject of this masterpiece, my brain who thought up the idea to do this and finally my finger who made it possible to make this beautiful creation.

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