What is Beard Tech? It's where technology and design collide / with extra beard

Hi! I'm Luke - founder and reviewer at the Beard Tech youtube channel

Tech reviews:

I aim to provide viewers with quality reviews that are totally unbiased on budget tech gear for video creation and graphic design, that you can use in your business, personal pages and social media posts quickly as possible.

Free software:

I aim to provide you with the free tools needed to create great videos for podcasts, intros, youtube creations and even social media posts. I also provide you with runthroughs of some of the best social media posting tools available to make impactful, memorable and exciting visual content for your pages and accounts.

Great equipment help:

I also do quality gear reviews of photography and video creation tools that get your ideas out to the world at a fraction of the cost, and without the hassle of running around the web searching for multiple gurus.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/lukesgoddard Facebook: www.facebook.com/beardtechman Instagram: www.instagram.com/beardtechman



Created with images by StockSnap - "people man guy" • Felix_Broennimann - "laptop notebook work" • University of Salford - "Graphic Design TechHub Manchester murals project" • Alexas_Fotos - "frog photographer funny" • geralt - "facebook internet network" • paz.ca - "Larry si è tagliato i capelli e guarda in alto: vi piace?" • StockSnap - "mobile phone gadget"

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