DoGood Dopeness Eat More Plants. Dance. Love. Pray. Laugh. Live a Little

Eat more plants, herbs, and foods of the earth. Eat less meat, sugar, and processed foods.

Movement can strengthen a weakened heart.

You can get your heart rate up and burn calories by: sweeping, wash dishes, playing table tennis, rearranging a room in your home, or even washing your car.

With proper diet and exercise, you promote healthier sleeping patterns.

Goods herbs and chemicals to promote healthy sleep patterns include chamomile, lavender, and hibiscus.

When you are spiritually connected, anything's possible
DoGood is always somewhere, enjoying the simplicities of life. Water. Smiles. Walking. Beautiful scenery located near the southwest uptown area of Washington, D.C.

Pray for knowledge

Pray for understanding

Pray for endurance

Pray for happiness

Pray for improved health

But do not pray just because you heard someone say it works. Prayer only works when you mean it.


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